Master Your Thank You Pages with These Examples That We Love

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Jun 3, 2020 11:54:58 AM

When it comes to marketing your business, products and services, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity. One of the reasons why so many businesses and marketers use the inbound marketing approach is because it works to cultivate meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

Thank you pages fit into this equation. You can create them very quickly, plus they offer great potential to turn leads into prospects or customers.

We’re about to show you 3 examples as well as thank you page best practices. But first, here’s a quick overview of what exactly a thank you page is and how to write a high-converting one.

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What Is a Thank You Page?

After someone fills out and submits a form on your landing page to obtain your offer (sign up, eBook, white paper, blog subscription, assessment, video, etc.), they’ll be redirected to a thank you page. This page should:

  • Confirm that their action was successful
  • Thank them for taking that action
  • Deliver the promised content
  • Provide instructions on what to do next (ex.: check their inbox to receive the promised content)

How to Optimize Your Thank You Page

To avoid leaving money on the table with your thank you pages, you need a plan. What other value can you provide to users in addition to your original offer? How can you guide them further through the buyer’s journey and create more conversion opportunities for your business?

There are many ways you can take advantage of that momentum.

You can provide additional content that relates to the original offer, such as personalized recommendations – relevant blog articles, testimonials, guides, free assessment and so on. You can also give them the option to share your offer with their social networks.

These additional materials won’t need another form, just a call to action button(s) like in the below example:

Thank you page call to action buttons


Take a look at some examples and best practices from thank you pages we think rocked it.

1. Ask for a social share and/or referral

Here’s one thank you page that hits both notes at the same time. Dropbox throws in a value-added offer (additional storage space) in exchange for a referred friend that signs up. They include Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons and a copy/paste link to make it easier.

If one of your goals is to expand your social media outreach, this is a good way to grow a following and get more targeted traffic to your pages or website.

Thank you page social media share or referral


2. Link to your most popular blog posts

If you’d like to get more eyes on your blog, use your thank you pages to promote relevant articles. This content should be closely related to the original offer and cater to the needs of the new lead or prospect.

We like how Groove thanks its blog subscribers after they’ve opted in. Their messaging takes on a more human touch, promising to send them the best possible articles. They then list three of their most popular posts.

However, one thing that they could have considered here is adding social media buttons to invite leads to connect and follow them.

Thank you page popular blog posts


3. Offer more value

Clean, concise and fun, Optimizely’s thank you page for their guide directs leads to additional resources. The page does a good job of diversifying their other offers by providing the option to download a toolkit, a webinar series and explore their community.

Thank you page offer more value


Quick Thoughts

While a thank you page is really just to confirm the action a visitor just completed, you can make it more than that. Use it to your advantage as an opportunity to move leads deeper into your sales funnel.

Want to learn more about pages and other simple strategies you can use to generate more leads? Take a look at our guide below, Inbound Marketing Quick Wins for Your Business.

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