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HubSpot Onboarding, Inbound Marketing Strategy + Implementation

Lumina Solar: A Million Dollar ROI Year

Lumina Solar needed two things to happen in 2019. One, establish themselves as leaders in Maryland in the solar energy industry and two, determine and implement what their marketing strategy was going to look like. With one of the co-founders taking the place of the marketing department, no content marketing strategy, no way of measuring their efforts, and no true marketing strategy in place, the company needed to take that next step.

Increase? Sure! Large Increase? Even better!


Traffic Increase

After a year of creating content for the blogs, re-examing, and re-structuring their SEO for their website, their traffic increase shot up 3,467%.


Increase in New Contacts

Traffic is awesome, but what everyone really wants is an increase in contacts. That's where our campaign and conversion point expertise made a difference.


New Customers

45 new customers just from our inbound marketing strategy that we implemented in month 1!

When Colin Gload started Lumina Solar in 2018 with his three associates in Maryland, he was driven by two things: his passion for sustainable energy and providing customers with the best possible solutions and services. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the renewable energy industry, Colin and his business partners knew a thing or two about designing and installing solar panels for homeowners and businesses. The local solar provider prides itself on helping clients achieve their own energy goals with the newest technology and a full-service experience that goes beyond installation to assist with payment solutions, permits, paperwork, and government incentives. But with no real strategy to translate its strong brand values into marketing gold, the company found itself lacking the expertise it needed in this area and knew it needed help. Colin turned to Responsive Inbound Marketing (RIM) after the agency came highly recommended by a client who achieved great results working with RIM. In less than a year, the partnership empowered Lumina Solar to generate almost $1 million in ROI through strategic campaigns and content, such as blogging, social media, email workflows, and Google Adwords.

Faced with Challenges

Before working with RIM, the company’s 50-member staff faced unique challenges, as most startups with limited resources do. The team used a CRM that didn’t provide the level of nurturing capabilities and organization they needed to follow up with the leads they had acquired through their partners. As a result, Colin and his sales team had a hard time keeping track of all their emails and managing information, and thus, missed out on turning qualified leads into customers.

The company approached its marketing without a comprehensive strategy in place. Although it was climbing the local rankings as a top solar panel provider and Maryland’s first certified Tesla Powerwall installer, it needed a better way to bring its green startup story to life and grow its online presence.

When the company found the help it needed with RIM, Colin realized through conversations with the agency’s team that there was a massive opportunity to ramp up its marketing to bolster its brand visibility and manage qualified leads properly.

Switching to HubSpot and Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

Lumina Solar was up and running with HubSpot in no time thanks to a seamless onboarding and consulting provided by Lindsey Framer, CEO, and President of RIM. As a HubSpot partner, Lindsey migrated the company’s entire website to the HubSpot marketing automation tool to be able to streamline all activities. The next step was to get the company’s content into fighting shape.

To do that, Colin and Lindsey worked together to revise the company’s website and marketing strategy with the goal of creating a strategic content marketing plan. This included executing lead nurturing tactics, implementing SEO best practices and producing valuable and consistent content, such as blogging, social media posts, and a Google Adwords campaign, tailored to its objectives and clients.

Increase in Sales and Great Collaboration

Within a year, Lumina Solar exceeded the initial business goals defined with RIM, resulting in the highest-generating ROI being organic traffic, exactly what they were striving to achieve.Colin is thankful for the opportunity to partner with RIM and doesn’t look back.

The company serves clients in Maryland, DC, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. Its future plans include expanding to greater Pennsylvania and continuing to go above and beyond to ensure those who work with Lumina Solar get the best that solar energy has to offer.

About Lumina Solar

We believe there is an opportunity to build a new kind of solar company from the ground up by utilizing the lessons of the previous decade with the tools of today that will propel into the 2020’s and beyond. Our team of industry veterans is looking to create a new and better customer experience that fully integrates technology to achieve your energy reducing lifestyle. Lumina believes that solar is always the better choice, and we have the expertise and tools to help get you there.

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"We exceeded our sales goals every month since working with RIM. A lot of that had to do with what you guys were doing on the marketing end. Our website, email workflows, tracking data, and reporting back to us. The increase in sales has proven that we have had better business with your services."
Mark Donohue
Mark Donohue

Marketing Coordinator