41 Actionable Call-to-Action Buttons to Boost Clicks & Conversions

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Dec 2, 2019 11:59:20 AM

Let’s face it. People like to click on buttons. Fortunately for marketers like us, call to action (CTAs) buttons are exactly what is needed to guide website visitors through the buying journey.

However, if you want to convert more visitors into leads, clients, email subscribers, etc., you need to be sure about the value your CTA will bring them.

With a strategic CTA designed to drive meaningful action, you’ll be sure to get many visitors to come on board and convert. Here's a selection of actionable CTA examples we’ve put together to help you optimize your own.

41 Call to Action Examples

One element of a landing page we think many businesses neglect is the CTA text. Like anything in the marketing world, this little button requires some thought and strategy in order to convince people to act. 

Yet, too often we tend to slap on the traditional “learn more” or the equally weak “submit” without highlighting the true benefits and value that button will deliver. The best way to optimize your CTAs is by understanding your buyer personas and their behaviors to help you know what motivates them.

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So what does a winning CTA look like? It’s time to get creative.

Be Compelling

  1. See deals
  2. Explore the benefits
  3. See how your business benefits
  4. Sign up. It’s free!
  5. Curious? Read on
  6. Discover the possibilities
  7. Start my free trial
  8. Get 50% off now
  9. Find exactly what you’re looking for
  10. Take the next step

    Be Specific 

  11. Compare prices
  12. Got questions? Let’s chat
  13. Get your ticket
  14. Watch the video
  15. Open an account online 
  16. Join free for a month
  17. Get a quote
  18. See our plans
  19. Get started
  20. Claim your offer
  21. Read the full story
  22. Read full report
  23. Upgrade now
  24. Give us your feedback
  25. Let us know how we did
  26. Like us on Facebook

    Be Persuasive

  27. Don’t miss this!
  28. Start right here
  29. Let’s do this!
  30. Book now for early bird prices
  31. Save today
  32. Find out how

    You can even…

    Speak in the First Person

  33. Send me my (ebook)
  34. I’m ready!
  35. Help me with…
  36. Yes! I want it
  37. Teach me (how)
  38. I want to learn
  39. Save me a spot
  40. Sign me up
  41. Count me in!


Want More Tips on How to Create Effective CTAs?

There’s a little more that goes into crafting the perfect CTA aside from text. We talk about all the elements you should consider in this blog article, including how to balance the colors and white space of your CTA button. 

It’s important to remember that you should use CTAs in many types of marketing content like emails, social media posts and blog posts. Take the time to review your content and see where a relevant CTA can fit, so you seize every opportunity. 

What do you think are the best CTA examples? Which ones give you the best results? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

We talk about CTAs at length in our free ebook below. Download it for more tips.

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