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Brandwise: Stronger with HubSpot

Achieving 3X the revenue goal in ROI was something that they never thought was quite possible. With only the resources of a small marketing department, a marketing strategy that needed help and a HubSpot portal that was not being used to its fullest potential, the introduction to Responsive Inbound Marketing could not have come at a better time.

Driving 3X Revenue For An Industry-Leading Technology Company


Revenue Goals

Brandwise quickly found out within the first year that they had never been stronger.


Increase in Conversions

Overnight. Their campaigns changed the path for marketing and sales collaboration.


New Clients

Which was double what they got the prior year.

In late 2015, Brandwise reached a turning point in marketing development when they put the best of thought-leadership and content strategy in the hands of industry professionals at Responsive Inbound Marketing (RIM). Within the first year of working with RIM, Brandwise reported a spectacular revenue gain of over $227K and acquired 11 new clients to their repertoire. Behind every success story is a trail of struggle which makes the result far more rewarding. Take a journey down the road of a partnership that created inbound marketing magic.

Who Is Brandwise

A sales technology and software solutions company in its prime, Brandwise offers seventeen years of B2B solutions experience as a leading provider of high-performing sales applications ─ Play, Reach, Reward, Vision, and Stream ─ for sales agencies and suppliers selling to retailers worldwide. Based in Denver, Colorado, their award-winning platform streamlines digital product presentations and sales order management for suppliers and sales reps in the showroom, on the web or on the road. Their contribution to high tech has been commemorated for developing an iPad-compatible product accessible to users, putting Brandwise at the forefront of a cutting edge industry as a two-time ICON Honoree for Technology Innovation.


Before RIM came into the picture, Brandwise’s marketing department fell short of a winning dream team. With a strategy in place that included minimal content output and promotion, the technology company wasn’t seeing results from its marketing efforts. Understaffed and virtually ineffective, the deciding moment to hire more talent proved to be fruitless. Co-Owner of Brandwise, Jannetta Litzman explains, “We were searching for someone to hire in-house but they were either too expensive or they didn’t have the skill set we needed to be successful.”

It was clear that their brand needed to be propelled into marketing action, and fast. But the company knew that meeting their goals was going to take dedication, a lot of work, and know-how, more than one person could offer. Upon attending “Inbound 2015” conference, Brandwise connected with Lindsey Framer, CEO and President of RIM, and learned about the services and expertise that her agency offers. From there on, RIM was on board to steer their marketing objectives in the right direction.

How Responsive Inbound Marketing Helped

Brandwise benefited from the transparent and seamless onboarding process which RIM kicked off by nailing down the details. This included interviews, research, competitive analysis, buyer persona creation, and a website audit geared toward a strong inbound strategy tailored to Brandwise’s goals and clientele. In addition to RIM’s high standards for best results, their partnership upheld consistent communication and support, allaying Litzman’s fears that an agency would be inaccessible and resistant to collaboration. “RIM is just so easy to work with and they are ultra responsive to any requests and questions that come up.”

As a HubSpot Partner, RIM set up shop in implementing a powerful marketing platform and fundamental inbound marketing strategies to generate qualified leads, greater conversion rates, search engine optimization (SEO) and valuable content delivery. In a digital world where technology and trends progress at light speed, so do customer expectations. Yet, RIM stays on top of the latest marketing channels. Best approaches that drove inbound success included targeted and personalized content creation to meet the specific needs of a niche audience on a weekly basis; Multi-channel interaction with prospects on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus); Integration and optimization of analytics tools, Content and distribution using SEO best practices.


The results have been extraordinary. Within a year, Brandwise surpassed initial revenue goals set by 3X with RIM and accelerated their sales pipeline as follows:

  • 30% increase in organic traffic
  • 213% more blogs posted
  • 23% rise in website conversion rate
  • 1,324% surge of CTA clicks in blog posts

In their own words, “Brandwise had one of its strongest years in 2016” and landed their biggest inbound lead to date as they continue to yield impressive results. With the RIM team taking hold of their marketing reins, Brandwise has been able to focus efforts on customer retention, the delight stage of the buyer’s journey. Now at the height of their success, Brandwise is branching out to new markets outside of the Gift and Home mainstay as they continue to deliver technological innovations, and RIM remains an extension of their team, dedicated to leaving their footprint every step of the way.

About Brandwise

Brandwise supports the way you want to sell! For most suppliers and sales agencies, selling and creating orders is a lot harder than it needs to be. Join the revolution! Brandwise makes it easy so you can sell more. You'll love our electronic order submission, online and mobile catalogs, and sales reporting tools for managers and sales people. All Brandwise solutions work together, so managers have access to all the sales data from their internal teams and their rep agencies in one place. With Brandwise, everyone in your organization gets the tools they need to make the business of selling easier. For Sales Reps and Agencies: Order Capture Solutions: Create and submit orders as you sell, and end late night order entry marathons. Create and submit orders to suppliers with a scanner, computer, tablet or iPad, and easily make brilliant web displays that showcase your products. For Suppliers: Automatically receive and process orders made by reps using our electronic order capture solutions. Also get indispensable reports and analytics that help suppliers manage their sales force and increase sales!

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"Brandwise had one of its strongest years to date working with Lindsey."
Janetta Litzman

Chief Financial Officer