4 Reasons to Switch to the HubSpot COS

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Jul 22, 2014 12:33:00 PM

Content management systems (CMS) have allowed marketers to create and publish website content without needing to learn how to program the software themselves — and that's awesome. 

But as technology continues to improve (as it tends to do), standard CMS options are revealing their limitations. Not only do many CMSes operate slowly, but they can also result in a somewhat fragmented customer experience, as they only relate to website content and do not include email, blog, or social media content management. 

Tired of your old CMS? HubSpot has developed an awesome alternative called the COS, or Content Optimization System. Here are 4 reasons you should give it a try.

1. No coding necessary!

Ok, I know that the entire basis of CMSes is to eliminate the need for complex programming, but the HubSpot COS takes it to another level. While other CMSes like Wordpress or Drupal may give you a ready-made website template, they require additional coding to adapt to a mobile device. And let's be honest, with 58% of American adults owning smartphones (34% of whom use their phone as their primary means of internet access), a mobile-friendly website is a must. The COS is mobile optimized for any kind of device right out of the box, so visitors can access your content just as easily on their iPhones as on their laptops. 

2. All in one
HubSpot provides users with one inclusive platform for every component of digital marketing. Instead of applying strictly to webpage content (as a traditional CMS does), the COS includes your website, blog, landing pages, emails, contacts, and analytics, all in one place. It's an integrated system that allows you to create a cohesive marketing campaign. 

HubSpot COS All in One 3. Search optimized
Most CMSes haven't caught up with recent search engine algorithm changes, which means that your content could be getting buried by Google. With author tags, social media tools and keyword advice, the HubSpot COS is optimized for search and built for successful SEO. 

4. Greater personalization
Inbound marketing is based off of the vision of considering the individual person on the other end of your marketing, and the HubSpot COS helps to create a more personalized, human interaction with each of your visitors or customers. While CMSes all present the exact same content to every person who visits a given website, COS provides context for your content by offering personalized content based on that visitor's past activity. Depending on their past engagement with your site and the device they're accessing it with, COS allows you to show them different information, as it is pertinent to them. 

The COS offers "smart" CTAs, forms, and content that create a more personalized experience for each visitor. If someone has already downloaded an eBook on social media marketing, Smart CTAs will follow with a relevant offer for an eBook on Facebook use for B2B marketing, for instance. Smart Forms will remember lead info that has already been entered, and will gather more information as the relationship develops by first asking for a person's name and email address, then company name on the next visit, etc. Finally, Smart Content allows you to display or email custom content based on the interests or needs of different personas — think Amazon's "based on your recent purchase..." If you want to learn more, check out this free ebook that shows how you can increase your sales by matching content to visitor interests.

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