How The Fitbit Revolution Reminds Us To Measure Our Marketing

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Jul 18, 2014 10:05:00 AM

Have you heard of a little thing called a Fitbit? Much of the country has by now. In seeing the many ways people are using technology to measure and track the numerical values of every little thing they do we were reminded of a mainstay in marketing that many companies, especially small businesses, often overlook, the analytics. But analytics are starting to take over many other parts of our lives, why are they leaving behind their most important role: business?We haven't talked about analytics in a while, but they are still just as important as they were when we first started blogging


Why are we talking about analytics? Because with current internet technology and tools like Hubspot it is almost too easy to be able to gain powerful insights that could motivate momentous changes for your company, just as a Fitbit might inspire you to whole new fitness heights. So many companies just don't realize this, putting out their best content and waiting for the orders to roll in. If it works like that for you, hats off to you, you're incredibly lucky! But for the rest of us, there is a formula that our ideal customers want, and we can give it to them, we just need to calculate it. That is why marketing analytics are so important for your company.

How do you calculate it? Easy! With the Contacts function within the Hubspot Platform! How does this work? By telling you exactly which contacts clicked on what content, where it led them, how they interacted with your company (did they become a prospect or a client?) , and giving you a complete map of each visitor's journey through your inbound enabled site. See how this visitor went from an unknown Google searcher to a subscriber from one image to the next.


Sound like a lot of useless information? I promise you, it's not. By knowing how visitors move from one site page to the next as well as which site pages get the most views, click-throughs, and leads (information also provided by Hubspot's Platform) you can determine which content is most likely to prompt your visitors to become customers. Hubspot even has a function through which you can compare different iterations of the same content to ascertain what your customers want. 

That information is extremely useful, as it gives you the opportunity to write content similar to your most effective posts and increase customers and sales. Who doesn't want that?

So now you see just one of the many reasons we love Hubspot and fully believe in its software. Have we inspired you to start measuring your business as much as you measure yourself? Download our free marketing analytics eBook: "Unlocking The ROI Of Your Marketing Analytics" below to learn more about how to get your company in shape and contact us to learn more about the Hubspot Platform and how Responsive Inbound Marketing can make it quick and easy to enter the inbound world in style! 


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