Is Your Content Smart? It Could Be With Personalized Site Pages!

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Jul 10, 2014 5:03:00 PM

Are you smart? Of course you are! Is your website smart? Now that can be a bit more complicated.

Let's start from the beginning. Have you ever heard of smart content? What about dynamic content? Hint: they're the same thing.

Smart or dynamic content is website content that is personalized to the viewer. Cool, right? Sounds like the future knocking!

That's all well and good, especially for websites like Amazon or Netflix, who have huge coffers and rely on being cutting-edge, but is smart content really a good investment for your small business? I'm here to tell you that it just might be.

Screen_shot_2014-07-10_at_3.24.12_PM-1Dynamic content allows you to make more out of your site visitors, and ultimately get more leads and customers. By targeting your content to specific customers you let them know that you offer exactly what they need and you make it extremely easy for them to get it. 

Sound difficult? It doesn't have to be! With the right data (from your database or CRM) and software platform (like the Hubspot platform) it can be a breeze!


How does smart content work?

A platform like Hubspot lets you to curate a database of all of your leads and customers while forms like landing pages allow them to supply you with more personal information (such as their position or industry). When creating content, Hubspot has an option to make a page smart, through which you can change banners, images, or text and assign different site versions to different categories of leads or customers (as well as maintain a default version for new visitors). Easy!

How can it work for you?

We have already touched on the buyer life cycle, and this is incredibly important with smart content. A new visitor is looking for different information than a lead who has already downloaded some of your offers, just as a returning customer does not want to be sold on your product again and again and again.

Smart or dynamic content lets you refrain from presenting the same offer to a lead who has already downloaded that offer, present industry-specific product information, elevate content that will be more likely to engage a reader, and eliminate form questions that the visitor has already filled out. Why is this necessary? Because no one wants to be constantly asked to fill out the same information or plied to read an offer they have already grasped, even your customers.

Hopefully we have convinced you how useful smart or dynamic content can be for your business, but if you still need to mull it over we'd love to help you out! Check out our latest infographic about the statistics and successes other companies, big and small, have had with smart content. Go ahead, click below for the free infographic, it won't bite! Questions? Contact us with any!

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