How To Reuse Old Blogs

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Apr 12, 2016 12:26:23 PM

Sometimes you don’t have time to make new content or maybe you were really proud of a blog you wrote ages ago and you want people to see it again. Reusing old blogs can be a great asset, but it can also cause some unnecessary repetition if done incorrectly. To make sure you are keeping your content fresh and interesting while you reuse old blogs, take a look at these tips. How To Reuse Old Blogs

Update Information

Depending on how long ago you wrote the blog post, you want to make sure all of the information it contains is still relevant. Make sure you check your sources and see if they have updated their information. Also, if you included stats throughout it, make sure those numbers haven’t changed. A positive aspect of updating your blog is that there is probably new information out there on the subject, which means you can provide a more comprehensive answer to the problem your blog is addressing. This will draw in a bigger audience and will give you the possibility of a higher conversion rate. It’s important to point out though, just because you’re adding new information doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the information you have. See it as an add-on, not a replacement.

Enhance SEO

At this point, because the blog is from a while ago, you probably have a new group of ranking keywords to choose from as well as offers to promote. Definitely use those to your advantage. Using different keywords can attract new prospects who may have missed out on this blog when it was first published. That’s an entirely new group of people who you now have a chance to convert. Also make sure to change out the CTA for something more colorful and new. That way you can funnel the audience to an eBook they weren’t offered the last time this blog was posted. When you reuse an old blog, it’s all about rebranding and reissuing so that it attracts new people, but don’t be afraid to keep the same internal links. That way, people will have access to other old blogs that they probably haven’t read. If a lot of readers click on your posts via email updates, then there’s a good chance they’ve read all of your recent blogs. So offering up links to old blogs can be a great strategy.

Pick The Right Blog To Reuse

Make sure the blog that you’re reusing is one that gained attention, but not too much attention. You don’t want people to realize you’re just recycling old content, but at the same time you don’t want it to be a dud. Not all blogs are winners and if the subject didn’t gain good traction before, there’s a good chance it’s not going to vastly improve unless the topic suddenly became popular for some reason. Also be sure that you pick one that was written a while ago. The blog should be at the very least 6 months old. If you don’t write many blogs, then it should be around 9 months old before you reuse it. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between promoting an old blog, and reusing it.


The technological world is always changing so there’s a good chance things were different when you wrote your old blog. Maybe a new iPhone with special features came out. Maybe there’s an enhanced image quality that most people adopted. If your blog is not up on all of these advancements, then it’s going to look old and out-of-date. If it contains graphics, which it probably should, then make sure those graphics are of the highest viewing quality, especially if it contains a video. 27% of consumers leave websites if they aren’t optimized for mobile devices. So if you’re trying to reuse an old blog, make sure it’s mobile compatible because that’s a large chunk of audience to lose just because of formatting issues. As soon as you repost it, take a look at it on your phone. Just because a program says it’s making your site mobile friendly, doesn’t actually mean it’s doing it well. A lot of times pictures shift or interrupt sentences in weird ways that makes them hard to read. So don’t let this little detail pass you by.  

So don’t be afraid to reuse old blogs, just follow the tips above to make sure you’re doing everything right. You don’t want people to equate your brand with being out dated and repetitive, because then they might think the same of your product. A lot of times blogs are the first thing people see when they are introduced to your company, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

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