4 Tools To Conduct A Proper SEO Audit

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Mar 10, 2016 11:14:02 AM

Just like everything else in the technology sector, SEO continues to develop and evolve. And part of keeping pace with those changes is analyzing and improving your SEO strategy, which is more than just keyword rankings. So, if you want to keep your marketing game strong, start by conducting a proper SEO audit. Here are the tools that will help you with this task:march7_0004_Group_4-1.jpg

1. MySiteAuditor

MySiteAuditor is a popular choice of marketing pros since it can be embedded into your current website to help generate leads. Another plus is that if a page scores higher than 85% in the SEO audit, there is a very high probability of it ranking on the first page of search engines like Google due to its alignment with the ranking algorithm. This tool audits specific web pages, not just the entire site, giving more detailed results. Both free and professional versions are available. Highlights: key phrase analysis, embedded options, export and download features, clean design.

2. SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card has a cool feel with great visual design. It is targeted toward small businesses and agencies, although it lacks the embedded options like some competitors. The report shows your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and measures site load time against competitor’s sites. Created by UpCity, this fast, free version offers unlimited audits. Highlights: email audit option, unlimited free audits, appealing design, good amount of data provided.

3. Screaming Frog

Unlike some of the others on this list, Screaming Frog is best for gathering information from your entire site rather than specific pages. What also differentiates it is that rather than a true audit tool it crawls your website and gives feedback on SEO and any possible issues. The free version allows you to audit up to 500 URLs and it can be downloaded right to your system for faster results. Highlights: agency-friendly, provides a significant amount of data, full site review.

4. iSeo App

Compatible with iPhones and iPads, the iSeo app allows you to review and track the performance of your site and blog. The easy-to-navigate format lets you track rankings as well as load times and take screenshots of results for planning purposes. To get the most out of the app, you need to analyze the results and develop an action plan. Highlights: easy-to-understand reports, mobile optimized, social media compatible, real-time results.

The Future is Now

While these tools are great for helping you conduct proper SEO audits, the best way to improve your rankings is by knowing what’s changing and what’s hot. Content remains king, but as the number of websites surpasses 1 billion, content must be more targeted and focused than ever—you can’t just post generic content with great keywords. Tech advancements, consumer demand, and advanced algorithms are pushing for targeted data.

Social media is hotter than ever, and, although it doesn’t directly affect your ranking, it certainly plays a role. And analytics reflect this changing social media landscape with Google and other search engines working on incorporating social media rankings in SEO results.

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