Top 7 Promotional Tactics For New Leads

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Apr 13, 2016 10:58:44 AM

With so many potential buyers in this world, it takes some inbound marketing creativity to score new leads. There are many ways—such as promotional tactics—to attract potential buyers to your brand. Here are seven ways to get you started. Top 7 Promotional Tactics For New Leads

1. Cross Pollinate

Look for non-competitors in your industry or those with a similar target audience and consider partnering with them on a promotion. This is a great way to get your name out to their list of leads and vice-versa. Think promotional discounts, exclusive access, and more. Sharing is caring.

2. SM Shout Out

Are you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another cool social media platform? Do your prospects know about it? Use your social media page wisely to pull in new leads. Reiterate your online “handle” and encourage readers to visit your SM pages for exclusive offers and insider info. Engage with people on social media and keep them coming back for more.

3. Free Content

So, you might be thinking that this one is not the most innovative, but that’s OK, you know why? Because it works! Driving people to your website for a free e-book, article, or white paper is a great way to capture leads. And, you can point them to that content in a myriad of ways—promo emails, social media, blog post, and more.

4. Fantastic Forums

Online forums can be a mixed bag—as often as they are filled with enthusiasts and connoisseurs, they are also a breeding ground for spammers and questionable characters. But with some research you can find an appropriate forum where you can promote your brand in an honest, classy way that will appeal to quality leads.

5. Link up on LinkedIn

LinkedIn varies from other social media platforms due to the fact that it is a professional networking site. Rather than posting the latest selfies, people use LinkedIn for high-quality content about companies, brands, and industries that they are interested in and can benefit from. Use your company page to promote and engage potential leads—you can pare down by geographic region and job role as well as access groups of like-minded professionals.

6. Industry Experts

Don’t worry if you are not (yet) an industry leader because you probably know someone who is. Delve into your network and tap industry thought leaders to guest write for your blog. This shows your prospects that you are a quality source of content and gives you access to a fresh list of leads. Aligning yourself with a well-known, reputable thought leader is a great, more subtle promotional tactic.

7. Video Vibes

If we have learned anything in the last few years it is that video is here to stay…and grow. And, we also know that different platforms appeal to different audiences and types of learners—millennials demand video, other still prefer reading an article. So, once you have developed outstanding written content don’t limit your reach—create complimentary video content and appeal to wider range of prospects.

With so much competition, it is imperative to be smart, classy, and creative with your promotional tactics. Rely on quality content to engage and attract prospects and stay away from spammy language and too-good-to-be-true offers which will turn people off. Use the seven suggestions above to get you started and brainstorm some more ideas.

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