4 Tips to Overcome Blogger's Block

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Aug 22, 2014 3:36:00 PM

So you've heard people say that it's a good idea to keep a company blog. Perhaps you've even done the research on the eye-popping statistics of business blogging, and came to the conclusion that it's in fact a GREAT idea. It's such an effective tool for pulling in potential customers and converting them to leads.

 Perhaps you're even at your desk right now, clapping your hands together and saying, "OK. Blogging time!"

 Only problem is, an hour has passed and you can't figure out what in the world you're going to write about. Mhmm, this is what they call the dreaded writer's block—well, let's call it blogger's block.

Allow us uncramp your mind. Here are four tips to overcome bloggers block: 

1. Think of who you're writing to

Know your audience. Who is the potential customer you are trying to reach? This is where your buyer persona comes in. If you know what type of content your ideal client is looking for, it will be easier to come up with a relevant topic. Always think, what type of problems does this person need help solving?

2. Structure your blog

A helpful way to organize your thoughts is to outline the points you want to make. In fact, blog readers are scanners and love to read lists.

3. Get rid of clutter

Visual clutter in your environment is only going to clutter your mind. If you want to clear your head and create space for ideas, you could start by tucking away things in your desk drawers. Don't forget your desktop! 

4. Take breaks

Staying glued to your computer screen for too long will make you lose steam. To re-charge, Forbes recommends taking little breaks periodically, such as brushing your teeth

There you have it! Take these strategies with you and you'll be burning up the keyboard, pumping out riveting content in no time. Want to learn more about how to create effective blogs for your business? Feel free to download our e-book.  

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