Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2015

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Nov 26, 2014 3:38:00 PM

This year we’ve seen many changes take place in the digital marketing realm.  On November 5th we saw like-gating on Facebook disappear.  We also saw increased platform diversification and the beginnings of content curating.  So what digital marketing trends in 2015 will we see? 

1. Increase in Content Marketing

Companies that blog create 67% more leads than companies that don’t.  This will contribute to the influx in 2015 of companies that opt to use inbound content strategy.  Creating quality content that engages potential clients is what sets one brand apart from the hundreds of others in the market.  Money and time that previously would have been invested into paid advertising will now go towards content creation.  With so many channels to produce content on, it’s important that companies focus on the quality as well as the quantity of posts.   

2.  Social Media: From Supplemental to Instrumental

Brands have often viewed social media as an added bonus for their company, rather than a necessity.  This year we have started to see this changing, and it will continue to do so in 2015.  Not only is social media pertinent for brand recognition, it’s also becoming the future of SEO.  Along with other content creation, social media is a leading factor for obtaining effective SEO results.  Companies that have not yet adopted this strategy by next year will fall far behind the curve.

3.  Native Advertising

Banner advertisements will become a thing of the past.  Customers are smarter and more aware of blatent ads and promos.  These can be viewed as disruptive, leaving customers with a negative view of a company.  Native advertising allows companies to place ads in a meaningful location, providing useful content to those viewing it.  This is more effective than banner ads and prevents viewers from feeling targeted by irrelevant promotions and branding. 

4. Increase in Videos 

Videos are becoming increasingly popular and effective.  By combining image and text into one piece of content, customeras are more likely to engage with it.  Brands will utilize “visual storytelling” to their advantage.  It can be extremely impactful and increase conversion rates. 

And there you have it folks, the expected marketing trends of 2015. Another big year in digital marketing!  What trends are you expecting to see in the coming year?

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