Facebook Like-Gating Expires Today: Why Should We Care?

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Nov 5, 2014 12:55:00 PM

"Like my page to enter to win a free iPad!

I'm sure we've all seen ads like this on Facebook from advertisers trying to increase the number of likes on their page.  This is called like-gating, and as of today Facebook is shutting it down.  Pages are no longer allowed to use a like as an incentive to recieve content or to enter a contest.  Facebook like-gating expires today and what does that mean for fellow marketers? 

Why did Facebook do this?

According to Facebook, this is being done because they want users to like a page because they're genuinely interested in the content it has to offer.  When brands use contests or giveaways to garner Facebook likes, often times those contests aren't closely connected to the brand itself.  This results in people liking a page, yet have no further interest in the company.  So what's the real value of a like if that person isn't actually interested in your business or the content it produces? 

There's also speculation that Facebook removed this feature in order to increase their revenue from paid advertising.  Although this is definitely a benefit for Facebook, it also benefits the Facebook user (which is their ultimate goal.)  Liking random pages causes a user's feed to be cluttered with ads and info that aren't actually relevant to them.  This can diminish a user's experience, which is something Facebook certainly wants to avoid.

Immediate Effects?

This only immediately affects the select few that are currently running a like-gating campaign. Facebook warned it's users 90 days ago that this feature would become obsolete today.  If you are currently running one, don't fret!  Facebook doesn't require that you take it down, but the content through the third-party app will now be visible to all likers and non-likers.

A Blessing in Disguise

At first this can seem like a hindrance to marketers and advertisers alike... but in actuality, it benefits us too!  What's the point in spending time and effort creating engaging content if the people seeing it don't actually care?  Eliminating like-gating ensures that each like is from someone genuinely interested in the content produced by that company.  This helps the brand zone in on their target market and increase lead conversion!


Offer dynamic content, rather than an iPad which has no real brand connection (unless you are Apple.)  Dynamic content will attract customers that are genuinely interested in your company, not just the free giveaway.  I mean let's be honest, who wouldn't like a Facebook page to win an iPad?

Another option is to require an email address capture.  Like-gating may be banned but Facebook still allows a company to require the customer to enter an email address before they recieve content.  Doing this, it ensures the customer is truly invested in the content and gives the company the opportunity to reach out and follow up...Hello lead conversion!

At first the like-gating ban may seem a bit scary, but it can really benefit inbound marketers! All it requires is a bit of creative spunk to get customer engagement.  Are you up for the challenge?

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