5 Steps To a Higher SaaS ROI

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Oct 7, 2015 2:22:50 PM
The market for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications will grow from $20 billion in 2013 to $33 billion in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.5%. A recent study shows that SaaS is growing nearly 3X as fast as software as a whole. The space is getting crowded and competition is fierce. What can tech professionals do to improve the odds that their companies will get to the top of the market and stay there?

If you want the spotlight to truly shine on your product, you’ll have to develop a strong marketing strategy. Marketing is crucial for company growth, and growth is what every SaaS company needs. Here are 5 key ways to give your product a boost using inbound marketing tactics:

1. Worthy Product

The first step is a having good product. If your service isn’t helping people, marketing can’t save it. To make sure your service is really useful, do some research! Before you start creating or selling, ask potential customers what they want and figure out what problems need fixing. 

2. Get the Word Out

Of course, nobody will know how amazing your software is if they don’t hear about it. So, get started posting on social media. Start a company blog, and make connections with other companies to help grow your audience. And, be sure to use smart keywords so that your ideal customers can find you with ease. 

3. Gated Content

You need leads, and your potential leads need information. You can make this work for you. Create content like ebooks and white papers that offer in-depth information about your industry, and require the visitor’s information in return. You’ll get leads to nurture, and they’ll get the knowledge they need. 

4. Offer a Free Trial

The best way to convince a customer of your product’s merit is to let them see for themselves. A free trial is a great way to let your clients get hooked on your software, and then see how much they’re missing without it. 

5. Educate Your Customers

The best marketing plans continue even after your leads have become customers – especially for SaaS companies. Not everybody is a computer whiz, and even the tech pros can have problems with an unfamiliar system. Creating how-to guides and webinars to get the most out of the software will go a long way towards pleasing your customers and keeping them around.

These 5 important inbound marketing tactics will not only show people that your product is awesome, but they'll also help you increase your SaaS ROI. In such a competitive market, these tips are crucial, so get going!

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