4 Tips to Get Your Emails Forwarded

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Oct 6, 2015 4:34:46 PM
What comes to mind when you think about a successful email? Most people think about deliverability, opens, and clicks. But, a truly engaging email should do more than that; it should compel subscribers to share the message with others. This can help increase your reach and also lead to an increase in conversions, all while delighting your subscribers.

So, how can you get your emails forwarded? What types content are the most shareable and which tactics lead to an increase in shares? Here are four key reasons why an email gets shared
  1. The message is triggered or segmented.
Did you know that 25% of people will unsubscribe if they find the content irrelevant? It's true. Targeted emails are usually 90% more viral than untargeted messages. By tailoring your messages based on behaviors and attributes, your subscribers are able to relate to your emails and are more likely to share them with others. You can segment your lists based on attributes and set up triggered messages in response to subscriber behaviors.
  1. The content is personalized.
The more relevant the email is, the more successful it will be. Relevancy can be accomplished through personalization. Tailor your email for each subscriber based on their unique attributes. A recent study found that the most forwarded emails were 4.5X more likely than the typical email to include personalization. Try creative personalization techniques, like including the picture of the recipient. Use the data and information you have on your subscribers to tailor your sends for them. Personalizing your emails using more relevant information can delight your subscribers and encourage them to share the content. 
  1. Your email asks the reader to share.
Since subscribers are often on-the-go, making your calls-to-action (CTAs) as clear as possible is crucial. Including a CTA to share your email can elicit shares. A recent study found that the most forwarded emails were 13X more likely than the typical email to include “Share With Your Network” CTAs. By including forward-to-a-friend or social sharing links, you entice your readers to share.

Make sure that sharing is easy –  your buttons should be touch-friendly and have emails, tweets, and Facebook posts pre-populated with content. All your subscribers should have to do is click or touch the link.
  1. The content is naturally shareable.
An email’s content also plays a big role in whether or not it gets shared. Here are some shareable email types:
  • Emails that include registration links or information about an event - They are 3.2X more likely to be shared that typical emails.
  • Emails that contain news updates and helpful content were frequently shared - Provide your subscribers with helpful, high-quality, newsworthy content. But, be careful to not be overly promotional.
  • Emails containing important information, such as account changes or order confirmations 
  • Emails containing announcements like new products, services, and store openings or closings are 6X more likely to be shared than those that don’t.
  • Emails about charitable and fundraising initiatives are 3X more likely to be shared than typical emails.
You want people to forward your emails because this expands your reach, increases conversions, and boosts your email engagement metrics, which is also great for branding, revenue, and deliverability. It all comes down to sending your subscribers content that they are interested in. If it’s important to them, they will share it!

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