Why Transparency Matters When Hiring a Marketing Team Member

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Oct 5, 2015 2:47:00 PM
If you’re looking to hire someone to join your marketing team – whether it be an in-house marketer or an agency you’ll outsource – transparency is something that you should consider, or at least take note of. Want to learn why transparency matters? We’ll explain here!

So, why is transparency so important when hiring today? Being clearer about what your company is doing could be a boost in the long run. When someone knows what goes into their products, they’re more likely to buy them, right? The same goes for job applicants. When it comes to hiring, the values of your company and how its employees work together become part of the narrative of what you’re selling and, therefore, part of what you should be sharing.

If you’re committed to honesty, then you must also be committed to doing the right thing, even if you’re a large company. Employees want to know that the company they work for isn’t just honest, but also trying to make the world a better place, especially since 63% of Millennials say they want their employer to contribute to ethical and social causes they felt were important.

Applicants who feel well informed about the company they’re applying to, the hiring process itself, and the status of their application are 35% more satisfied with the process. Access to more information equips companies with valuable insight into how to improve while empowering people to make the best decisions moving forward — including how to attract, hire, and retain the best people. Being upfront about the job you’re posting, during the interview process, and when making the final hire can benefit you as much as having an ethical background.

Transparency also means that you should be clear about the more challenging aspects of working at your company. The effect is both striking and advantageous. Starting off by giving the whole truth will differentiate you in a sea of employers boasting about how their companies are perfect. Furthermore, it attracts the kind of valuable, committed people who will be intrinsically motivated and accept the challenge to contribute and tackle problems wholeheartedly.

Transparency leads to accountability and recognition for the right reasons because it breaks down and prevents much of the pretense that clouds both performance and assessment. Shared information makes it much easier to have a handle on what everyone is doing, acknowledge good work, and create a strong culture that aligns with your values — and in doing so, ultimately makes hiring for the long haul easier.

Candidates, employees, and business people alike all benefit from a company with clear objectives and genuine motives. Practicing transparency across all aspects of your business not only cultivates and sustains its health and success, but gives it a stamp of distinction when it comes to prospective hires.

So, if you’re trying to obtain a stellar marketer (or team of marketers) to join your team, keep it real. Lay everything out on the table so that they know what they’d be getting themselves into. They’ll respect your honesty and you’ll be able to gauge whether they’re up for the challenge. Catch someone where it really counts – their gut – which can only be achieved through transparency.

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