15 Inbound Marketing Hacks You Should Be Using

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Sep 2, 2016 10:33:29 AM


  1. Fresh ContentInbound Marketing hacks you should be using

This one is easy-peasy—people want compelling, in-depth content—on your blog, website, social media pages, and anywhere else you can post information. Content should be fresh, topical, and thought-provoking.

  1. Recycled Content

You know that awesome content you just created? You can reuse it in multiple forms. Example, if you wrote a blog post that was wildly popular, take that concept and transform it into a video or whitepaper. Good info comes in multiple forms.

  1. Become a Curator

Entrepreneur says that “hacks aren’t always easier, they just work quicker” and recommends curating content that other people have created is valuable to gaining traffic. Example, consider creating a post that compiles high-value information from various sources into a useful source for your readers.

  1. Upgrade Resources

The pros at Backlinko recently released a post that highlighted how to increase conversions by upgrading content that is on your blog. Identify a high-traffic page on your site and create a resource to improve that page.

  1. More Thank Yous

Take your “thank you” page to the next level by treating it like a landing page—offer readers related content in the form of a download in exchange for additional information from them that will help you continue nurturing.

  1. Rule of Seven

In traditional marketing, the “rule of seven” refers to the ideal number of interaction you should have with a lead before introducing a product. Use this number to build out campaigns and workflows that move leads down the funnel.

  1. Be A Guest

Writing your blog is great, but guest posting on other blogs is even better. Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase exposure and also a way to be discovered by a wider audience. Plus, it helps with ever-important backlinks.

  1. Always SEO

If you are a small business, you should be thinking about search engine optimization pretty much all of the time. Most buyers begin by researching online so use keywords and relevant phases to ensure they find you.

  1. Social Media

We all know that SM is critical as another way of drawing your target audience to you. Think of your website like the mothership, the place where all roads should lead to. In that case, your social media pages are the supporting spaceships that transport readers to your site.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Once you have created awesome content, it’s essential that you make content easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more by including links and social share buttons. SM sharing helps you engage with potential buyers.

  1. Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are not just for generating leads. You can—and should—be using them in all facets of your marketing as a way to create personalized, targeted content.

  1. Valuable Resources

E-books, white papers, how-to guides, and more are a great way to provide prospects with relevant content…and a great way for you to build your email list. The better the content, the more likely readers are to come back for more.

  1. Take High-Traffic Higher

Take a look at your traffic: which posts on your blog or pages on your site have the highest traffic? Look at these from a fresh perspective—pinpointing the theme, content, CTA, and overall messaging—and use the info to generate even more leads.

  1. Speed it Up

According to Google, it is not just SEO; people prefer websites with fast load times. Plus, the search giant using page load time as a ranking factor. So optimize load time for better results.

  1. CTA All the Way

Always, always have a call-to-action on everything you post or send out. This is inbound marketing 101 and if you only take one hack from this list, let it be this one. Come up with a winning formula and stick with it. Which hack on this list did you like the most or the least? Did we miss something you think should be on this list? Pop on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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