Top 7 Healthcare TEDx Talks You Should Listen To

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Mar 15, 2016 1:38:17 PM

There are a lot of opinions about the right way healthcare should be performed, where the industry is headed, and which area of your mind, body, and spirit you should focus on in order to live a healthy lifestyle. These healthcare TEDx Talks touch on a few of those issues plus more in interesting and entertaining ways. So take a look at these professional perspectives so that you are able to understand yourself and the healthcare world a little more.march7_0002_Group_6.jpg

1. Will Technology Drive Better Care Tomorrow Than Today? - Alan Russell discusses the impact of medical technology on the healthcare world and if having great technology actually enhances a country’s healthcare system or diminishes it.

2. The Shocking Truth About Your Health - Lissa Rankin goes into detail about what you can do for yourself when you start to believe that your body is a mirror of your environment. She teaches you to listen to your body and take a look at your environment instead of your primary actions.

3. Pre-emptive Healthcare: The Best Option - Rajendra Pratap Gupta teaches the crowd about the issues with healthcare systems around the world and the issues that people with chronic illnesses have. He doesn’t just talk about it though, he finds solutions.

4. The Art and Business of Creative Aging - Judith Sachs talks about the relationship between art, aging, and healthcare. As an owner of a dance studio that teaches the physically impaired, she has found the positive results that dance and other art forms have on those with health problems.

5. What Healthcare Will Look Like in 2020 - Stephen Klasko wants you to know that the healthcare system is making strides and there are big changes that will come in 2020. He gets the information across with humor that will keep you watching until the end.

6. Redefining the Practice of Medicine - Dr. Brian Goldman explores what it means to be a good doctor and what leads to mistakes. He discusses what these mistakes do to the mindset of doctors and how they impact their patients.

7. Compassion for Care - Salmaan Sana was in and out of hospitals when he was growing up and is now a medical student. He wants people to know how the compassion of doctors and nurses affected him, but also how that compassion is lacking in the education aspect of the medical field.

There are many more great TEDx Talks out there about healthcare, but these 7 stand out and provide a variety of opinions and perspectives that will open your eyes to the different opinions that encapsulate the healthcare industry. People on both patient and professional sides of this subject all have the right to research what will be best for them and their health. With these healthcare TEDx Talks, hopefully your horizons are broadened while being entertained.

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