Impactful Medical Marketing Ideas of 2016

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Jan 28, 2016 4:10:00 PM

Certain industries will always be needed. Ongoing research and continual breakthroughs combined with an aging population mean that the medical field is in higher demand than ever. This inevitably leads to the need for doctors and experts to distinguish themselves from their contemporaries and competitors. These impactful medical marketing ideas will help you do just that.Impactful_Medical_Marketing_Ideas_of_2016_.jpg

Stand out from the Crowd

Is marketing really necessary in the medical field? You bet! How else would (prospective) patients know that you are the best, smartest, most experienced option for them?! This is especially important if you are an expert in a particular area or specialty.

An insightful Forbes article called Marketing the Practice of Medicine, emphasizes the importance of medical marketing, “However, where patients have options, marketing can become the deciding determinant on where patients choose to receive everything from ongoing wellness care to major surgery. In fact, the more options patients have, the more marketing, and in particular thought leadership, can make a difference.”

One of the most popular methods to medical marketing is the 'thought leadership' approach. Using education materials such as newsletters, websites, videos, books, and webinars to communicate important medical information is a powerful way to get people to know you and see you as a leader in your discipline.

An Industry Shift

Perhaps one of the biggest indications that medical marketing is a necessity is the proliferation of marketing agencies focused specifically on the medical industry. From a marketing perspective, medicine is a business just like any other. And, while you might be an expert on open heart surgery, you are probably not an expert on direct marketing. Lucky for you, there are professionals who not only know how to market to your field, but also understand the unique nuances of the medical industry. They can help with:

  • Medical marketing strategy and branding: On overall approach to promoting your practice and knowledge. The importance of a marketing plan should not be underestimated.

  • Web site development: It is not enough to just have a site; it must be compelling and attract readers with thoughtful content.

  • Social media platforms: Promoting medicine in the Internet age; it’s not just there for Millennials.

  • Thought leadership: Newsletters, articles, seminars, etc. to showcase your superior knowledge and patient expertise.

  • Clientele: Knowing how to cater towards a particular clientele by tapping into their needs.  

Back to Basics

It is important to remember that, while innovative medical marketing is experiencing a boom in popularity, there are some basic business tenets that doctors should never overlook while on their pursuit of marketing glory.

  • Referrals: The medical industry survived and grew for years because of this. Remember, never underestimate word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Follow Up: Once you see a patient, especially for a unique or specialized service, don’t forget about them. Check in, see how they are feeling, find out if they need any more of your services. Plastic surgery offices are a stellar example of this.

  • Respect: Keep every appointment, respect patients’ time, adhere to a schedule, appreciate, and acknowledge referrals and new patients.

Mutual respect goes a long way. When embracing new, cutting-edge marketing approaches don’t forget the fundamentals or overlook long-time patients in the quest for new ones. There will always be a need for doctors—so focus on being a great doctor and let your marketing efforts highlight your excellence.

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