Top 10 Content Ideas for Your Healthcare Blog

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Oct 22, 2015 1:49:45 PM

Blogs vary in content and style, but most combine text, images, catchy blog titles, and links to other resources. Blogs written by healthcare professionals help to educate patients on illnesses, managing their sickness or, other valuable health information. Blogs help you earn potential customers' trust. What can you do to help your blog stand out in the sea of content?

Firstly, be sure you’re filing your ideas somewhere that’s easily accessible. You never know when inspiration is going to strike, so make sure you’re always prepared. Photos are also a valuable aspect of your blog. People appreciate when you have thought-provoking and relevant images, so leave the cheesy stock photos behind. Here are 10 more key tips to step up your healthcare blogging game:

#1. Share Facts

Using your blog to answer your customer’s questions is one of the best ways to gain viewers and readers. Many of your “customers” will be potential or current patients who are looking for answers. What are some frequently asked questions on medical conditions? Outline these questions in a post and you’ll help your patients as well as improve your readership.

#2. Recycle and Reuse

It can be tedious to constantly create and write original content. It’s resource intensive, and unfortunately, the ideas may not always be flowing. By curating content, you give your audience the opportunity to read relevant and high-quality information without sacrificing your time and resources.

#3. Encourage Interaction

One of the many benefits of a blog for both users and businesses is the level of interaction. You want your readers to feel that they have a voice. By using tools like a readers’ poll, you can learn more about your patience, and they can feel heard. Use it to learn more about readers’ attitudes to health topics like screening, therapy, mental health and many other topics. It will also provide ideas for future content to include in posts.

#4. Discuss Industry Trends

Healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. Using your blog as a platform to discuss new and upcoming trends can be valuable for both you and your customers. By setting up news alerts, you can stay updated on emerging trends in the industry.

#5. Shadow Health Care Professionals

Getting a behind the scenes look is always enjoyable, especially in a field as exciting as health. Each week you could have a day where you feature different healthcare professionals. From an EMT to a surgeon, give your readers a range of professionals. Be sure to keep in mind privacy constraints and never discuss any specific names or other possible confidentiality issues.

#6. Plan Seasonal Posts

Halloween is right around the corner – why not use this day as a little inspiration? Discuss candies children may want to avoid, or how to stay safe on a potentially dangerous holiday. Create an editorial calendar that helps you track upcoming holidays and events.

#7. Create Unique Content

While a traditional blog post is valuable, your audience can absorb content in different ways – whether it be a featured podcast, or an informative infographic. Readers will appreciate a twist.

#8. Host a Guest Blogger

Invite a colleague or someone else in the field to write a guest post on their area of expertise. It gives a fresh outlook on new information.

#9. Summarize an Event

If there is a large event coming up, you can do posts building up to the event. Let your readers learn more about what to expect, must-see’s, and other information that could be valuable. After the event, you can discuss key takeaways and other significant parts of the event.

#10. Host a Reader

Who better to feature on your blog than one of your readers? Invite a reader to share a personal story about their own healthcare experience. Bringing the human element into your blog is vital. Readers will appreciate that genuine aspect of your writing.

These 10 blogging tips will show potential patients that you know your stuff and that you care to keep them informed, as well. Breathing some life into your content will make keeping up with your blog vital for your readership.

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