This Week's Prominent Post-its

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Aug 21, 2015 1:47:50 PM

This Week's Prominent Post-itsFriday’s finally here, and so is our weekly news round-up! Check out our take on the most eye-catching news stories of the week: 

1. Dug(gar) Himself in a Hole
Karma bites. Remember the Ashley Madison hack? Well, it came back in a big way this week, when 32 million of Ashley Madison users had their personal info posted online. And, one of these “victims” is none other than Josh Duggar, known for the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting – and for molesting two of his younger sisters as a teen, a news story that broke in May of this year. Apparently, Josh isn’t having such a hot year. 

2. Covert Celeb Cases
In other sketchy celebrity news, Caitlyn Jenner and Gene Simmons are both involved with separate police investigations that are a bit lacking in details. Caitlyn might or might not be charged with vehicular manslaughter for a car crash from 6 months ago – but the investigators are being pretty cagey about their thoughts. And, for Gene Simmons, the mystery is even bigger. A police division handling online crimes against children served a warrant at his house, but he’s not a suspect. Neither is anyone in his family. And, we don’t actually know what crime is being investigated. At all. So glad the police could clear that up for us. 

3. Deez Nuts 2016
So, you don’t like any of the major candidates in the primaries, even with a whopping 17 Republicans to choose from. What to do? We have the perfect solution: go independent and vote for Deez Nuts! Yes, you read that right. A 15-year-old Iowan (whose name is Brady Olson, not Deez Nuts, thankfully) created a presidential candidate with the name of one the Internet’s most baffling memes. But, that’s not all – he’s actually polling as high as 9% in some states, which makes his campaign the most successful third-party campaign in 20 years. Looks like Trump might have some competition for first prize as Biggest Joke of a Candidate. 

4. An Amazon of a Problem
Bad news if you like getting your hair cut, your eyes checked, and your shopping done all in one convenient place – Walmart has announced their profits are down. As in, way down. Why? Well, as popular as it is, it just hasn’t made the switch to e-commerce, so Amazon’s been taking its place. Brick-and-mortar stores without enough e-commerce options just can’t compete with the power of digital marketing, so Amazon is reaping rewards in a big way. If you’ve been looking for a sign to start working on your digital marketing strategy, this is it. 

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