Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies of 2015

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Jun 3, 2015 4:39:00 PM

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry that continues to evolve and switch focus. So, where are things at now? Here’s a glimpse of the top marketing strategies thus far in 2015.


  1. Write to represent your brand identity.


As a marketer, everything you write really matters. Good writing can engage your audience and take them to the depth of your ideas. Use the right word choice and style, and don’t just communicate with your readers effectively, but interact.


  1. Boost consumption of your content.


2015 has brought forth a new math of content optimization, testing, and customization. Now, content production and content distribution are equally important for digital marketers to stay ahead of the game.


  1. Customize content per marketing channel.


Content is king, so marketers need to create and tailor their content specifically for different media such as television, radio, and various social media platforms. They need to go back to the basics of digital marketing and re-evaluate their audience’s behavior of what is working and what isn’t for their organizations.


  1. Make caring more important than selling.


Marketers who strive for more sales and ignore customers’ satisfaction are going to get overlooked by consumers. 2015 is the year dedicated to focusing on the customer. Selling is important, but to retain your existing customers, answering their queries helps you keep your brand value intact.


  1. Integrate digital platforms.


A big digital trend this year is integration of various promotion channels to deliver one common user-experience to customers, regardless of which digital medium they are using. Marketers will have to strategize on how they can integrate channels including social, mobile, television, and radio, to give the best user-experience to consumers.


  1. Embrace digital marketing as an ecosystem.


Gone are the days when marketers preach to their customers about different products and services. Today, consumers have variety of options and they want accurate facts and figures to make a well-informed decision. Digital marketing is now an art of attracting, engaging, and retaining new and existing customers by giving them true information.


  1. Engage in visual storytelling.


With so much digital noise, it’s increasingly important to convey your message in an entertaining and engaging way. For this purpose, visual storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy to incite customers’ emotions and engage them in a lucrative interaction.


  1. Know code.


With the growing competition to hold first page ranking in search engine results, coding has become a necessity for digital marketers. Coding and optimization can help you determine whether or not your customers are reading your content.


  1. Understand the importance of mobile data.


The information world is fast moving towards mobile technology. Smartphone-equipped consumers can take actions in a moment no matter where they are. Mobile data and smartphones remove the barriers between message delivery and action, and the trend seems to be one of the biggest factors transforming digital marketing.

10. Converge your marketing, PR, and advertising.


The digital age enables organizations to converge their marketing, public relations, and advertising departments as one single unit with a common goal of attracting, engaging, and retaining new and existing customers to enhance sales. Convergence of these departments helps digital marketing companies find a common strategy for providing the best consumer experience.


These 10 important digital marketing strategies are revolutionizing the future of digital marketing, so make sure your brand is aware and on-point for years to come.

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