Elevate Your Business Growth With A

Fractional Head Of Demand Generation

Transform Your Business with Fractional Demand Generation Leadership and Expertise in HubSpot, Website Development, Sales & Marketing Operations, and Campaign Creation

Do you feel as though, despite your best efforts, your business remains stagnant? Is achieving your growth targets and making meaningful progress proving to be a formidable challenge? It's time to break free from this inertia and jumpstart your business's expansion.

Over the last ten years, I have:

  • Launched innovative websites leveraging the HubSpot CMS
  • Designed and implemented holistic content marketing strategies
  • Orchestrated and rolled out numerous marketing initiatives
  • And achieved much, much more.

You might wonder, what sets me apart? My approach is holistic rather than fragmented. Instead of breaking down strategies into isolated tasks, I embrace the entire vision we craft together and execute it to pursue the objectives we set as a team. I look at it as a whole, not just bits and pieces.

Client Love Over The Years

Lindsey's deep knowledge of Hubspot and inbound marketing has been a great asset to us. I also really appreciate her no-nonsense approach and how she rolls up her sleeves and dives right in. Lindsey feels like a part of the team and I look forward to our continued partnership.
Melissa Raskin

Senior Marketing Manager, Technium, Inc.

Lindsey is truly a marketing consultant who delivers. Though many promise big things, Lindsey worked with us step by step starting with listening specifically to our needs and taking the time to understand our company and our audience. Lindsey's knowledge of Hubspot is second to none, and if something isn't working the way we hope, she goes out of her way to find a solution. All this and she's friendly and easy to work with as well. We are already seeing results from Lindsey's advice! Looking forward to working with her again on other projects in the future.
Rebecca Mindenhall
Rebecca Mindenhall

Brand Strategist, The Stone Farm

I've had the pleasure of working with Lindsey on several projects. She is a Hubspot expert! Always providing the best insights for outreach strategies and automation within the platform. Not just a professional Hubspot expert, Lindsey provides clear and concise advice for problems and creates the most optimized solution, along with the friendliest demeanor. She truly cares and ensures the utmost attention to detail.
Abigail Cobain
Abigail Cobain

Digital Marketing Leader, Trax Retail

I worked with Lindsey on our inbound marketing strategy to increase lead generation. She and her team conducted thorough audits of our website, email marketing, and social media feeds, and helped us develop a new marketing plan. Showing ROI was really important to our team, and Lindsey made sure this was top of mind throughout our time working together. Lindsey also successfully managed the migration process of our website to HubSpot and trained me on how to best utilize HubSpot’s tools to help us reach our goals. Lindsey is direct, knowledgeable, and empathetic, and it was a pleasure to work with her.
kyra d
Kyra Derdivanis

Marketing Manager, DPEM

If you're looking for help with inbound marketing, I'd highly recommend Lindsey. Lindsey can help you optimize your marketing strategy and then will get to work implementing that strategy on your behalf. She's very communicative and a pleasure to work with!
Kristen Crory
Kristen Crory

VP of Marketing, QuickPivot

Would 100% recommend Lindsey for any brand looking to migrate over to HubSpot and/or to elevate their content / SEO strategy. We saw an immediate uptick in organic traffic after hiring Lindsey's agency and she has been super easy to work with during the entire process.
David Neuman

VP of Analytics + Paid Social, RhythmInfluence

Lindsey is extremely professional and I'd suggest knows her way around Hubspot better than the back of her hand. We've been using it for years and Lindsey was still able to find ways to improve and tweak the things that we were doing - she not only highlighted issues but fixed them rapidly and we've already seen results from that.
Alex Hill
Alexander Hill,

Global Head of Business Development, Sensye

From day one, Lindsey proved herself by seamlessly onboarding HubSpot and launching demand generation campaigns that converted cold leads into deals. Her results-driven approach, coupled with her creativity and expertise in marketing operations and automation, has consistently delivered tangible results, she blew our mind. Lindsey's contributions speak for themselves, making her an invaluable asset to our team with her quality work and creative ideas. Lindsey = Results.
Tina Lally

Director of Marketing, Almaden Global

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