5 Ways To Boost The Consideration Stage

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Jan 27, 2016 2:43:08 PM

So you have mastered the awareness stage by figuring out the problems that your customers are having and catering towards that. What’s next? The awareness stage baits the hook, but the consideration stage gets a fish on the line. These 5 instances will boost the consideration stage so that you gain more leads. 5_Ways_To_Boost_The_Consideration_Stage.jpg

1. Track Their Activity

After your prospective customer reads about your content and starts to realize that you can help solve their problem, they aren’t going to just go ahead and give you their business. They will most likely go back to the research phase so that they can make sure you truly are the best fit for them. What you need to do is follow what research they’re doing so that you can understand what they want a bit more. It’s imperative to know as much as you can about what they’re looking for. That way, you’re sales team can tailor their pitches and you can be prepared to help them when they come back to your content. The best way to do this is by adjusting your marketing automation tool

2. Pass Only The Most Important Information Along

There is such thing as too much information. It’s good for you as a marketer obtain a lot of information, but your sales team should not be bombarded with a plethora of details about your possible buyer. It can get distracting and can lead them down the wrong path. It’s your job to determine what’s important and what isn’t. You can do this by incorporating a form field and asking the correct questions on your landing page. It will narrow down the information to only the important details that you can then pass along to your sales team. 

3. Determine The Most Important Part Of The Problem

Determine what your product can offer and what your prospective client is in desperate need of and then connect the dots. After tracking their needs, you will learn the most important part of their problem. You can then use this to show how your product is the best for the job. The client wants to make sure that they are going with the best possible solution, so you need to do all that you can to determine which part of your product can help them the most. If you are able to send this along to your sales team, they will be able to deliver strong selling points.

4. Stay Relevant

After they send in their information and apply to receive e-mails from you, it’s important that you remain on their mind, but in a non-annoying way. We all hate those companies that send you e-mail after e-mail. How can they have so much to update you on in one day? It’s quite baffling and it causes people to unsubscribe almost immediately. With that said, you do need to send out enough content that keeps you relevant during their research process. That way, you remain in the running. The catch is that it can’t just be any information. The information you send out needs to be calculated to fit who you are sending it to. This will be sure to boost the consideration stage because they won’t only remember you, but they’ll remember you as a helpful consultant.

5. Provide Straightforward Specs

At this point, they’re not just looking for quality, but they’re also looking to compare price. Don’t be afraid to put your offer out there for them to view. It’s frustrating when you search and search for a product’s price and it’s nowhere to be found. Sure, they can call and ask, but most of the time they’re just going to move on to some other prospects. It would be a shame to make it this far in the consideration stage only to lose their business in the final stretch. I’m not saying throw the price in their face, but it should be easily accessible for anyone trying to find it if you want to boost the consideration stage

After the awareness stage, it’s important not to become stagnant. With these 5 helpful tips for inbound marketing, you are sure to transform your leads into customers.

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