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Jan 29, 2016 11:12:01 AM

Well, it’s finally FriYAY! Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it through another hectic workweek. Now you can sit back, relax, and catch up on all the juicy gossip you missed when you forced yourself to stop procrastinating. So without delay, here are the prominent post-its for the week! post_it_news-512893-edited.jpg

1. Snowpocalypse! 

Jonas arrived with a huff and a puff and it blew out the power of hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. So what was the overall damage? Well, West Virginia received the most snow with 42 inches, Ocean City flooded more than when Sandy hit, 11,000 flights were canceled, records were broken, and 30 people died. At least it was a snow day from work, right? Well, some people didn't see it as one. In a strange turn of events, out of everyone in the Senate- from the senators to the pages- only women showed up to work. So not a single male senate worker showed up. The women claimed it wasn’t planned. Cue the conspiracy theories.

2. The Celebrity Apprentice List Is Fiyahd Up

That’s right people! The doors to the boardroom have opened and the celebrities who are on the list have been revealed! Here are some of our favorites who made the cut:

  • Snookie: We were super surprised to see her name on the list, but not upset about it. You know she's going to bring some crazy to the table and we can't wait to see what she stirs up.

  • Lisa Leslie: All of our hearts are beating for Backyard Basketball right now. It’s great to see our favorite WNBA star returning to our lives in a not-so-virtual way!

  • Vince Neil: Another good surprise! The Mötley Crüe frontman has definitely lived an intense life so it’ll be great to hear his perspective on things. Who knows, maybe we'll get a taste of that legendary singing voice.

  • Laila Ali: The undefeated boxer, who is also the daughter of Muhammad Ali, is all about competition. Her drive might bring her all the way to the top. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what brawls breakout.

The Donald, in hopes of a new presidential gig, has handed the reigns over to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, the show has assigned an intense panel of experts, with our favorite being the fierce Tyra Banks. For the entire list of both experts and competitors, click here!

3. The Birds Can Rest Easy Tonight

The standoff at the bird sanctuary in Oregon has officially come to a close. Government officials had a standoff with a few of the militia members. It resulted in the death of one militia member while eight others, including the ringleader Ryan Bundy, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers. No birds have been asked to testify, but it’s still early. Meanwhile, the Native Americans who actually have a legitimate claim to that land are still scratching their heads wondering why exactly either of these two groups think the land is theirs.

4. “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables”- Theme Song For Syria Peace Talk

For years the UN has been trying to end the civil war in Syria, but they’re really rallying their efforts now because with the two sides fighting, ISIS tiptoed its way into the unclaimed land and took it for itself. Not good news for anyone really. So finally, both the extreme rebels and the moderate rebels have RSVP’d to the peace party. It would only be rude not to follow through, right? Well, they are called rebels so it shouldn’t be a surprise that one group now wants to back out. The moderate rebels claim they'll stand the others up if the extreme rebels continue to bomb and starve civilians. But wait, isn’t that what the peace negotiations are suppose to discuss anyway? The UN is holding out hope that they will commit to their promise. As of right now, the peace talks are still on.

5. Iowanna Go To The Debate

The Republican presidential candidates stood on stage to yell at each other yesterday before elections kick off with the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Since the Donald didn’t get his way, he refused to come to the party and play with his peers. In an attempt to take the viewers away, he had a televised rally at the same time. If you're wondering who won this round, it goes to the debate, which blew Trump's viewership out of the water. With the Trumpster gone, who took center stage? It seems that second in command Ted Cruz took over the spotlight and thus was the target of everyone around him. His response: "If you guys ask one more mean question, I may have to leave the stage!" Of course he didn't, but the threat was made. So who won the debate? No one’s really sure, but the Boston Globe is saying that there are now four people in second place for the Republican primary, a.k.a. more than all of the candidates on the Democratic ballad combined. So this should be an interesting primary.

So that is your news for the week! I hope you enjoyed learning all the happenings of the world and that you have an amazing weekend.

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