How To Rock Mobile Marketing

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Jul 24, 2014 12:39:00 PM

Every company wants the perfect website. That easy to use, well-designed, and quick to load website is key! But what about mobile? Your website might be amazing, but is your website optimized for mobile?

If you do have a mobile website, rock on! You're informed on all of the latest trends and on your way to fantastic online success! But is your mobile site optimized? We are here to let you in on some of the statistics that prove that mobile is here to stay (and absolutely necessary for an online company) and then help you learn how to optimize your mobile website for your continued success!

First, why go mobile?

Simple. Everyone else has! Okay, maybe not everyone. But so many US consumers and their online searches have migrated to mobile that not doing so yourself is leaving lots of money on the table or, worse, in the pockets of your competitors! We pulled together some additional statistics into this handy graphic. 


Now how do I optimize my website for mobile? Here are five mistakes to avoid when making a mobile website:

1. Do not assume that a site that looks okay on mobile is good enough.

Speed is today's big thing. How long do you wait for a site to load on your phone before you give up and find something else? I'm guessing not long. Did you know that 100ms of delayed load time can decrease businesses' sales by 1%? You're definitely not the only impatient one.

Finding information should be just as quick. If your site is quick to load but looks like a mess you will still be losing customers. Your mobile site should be as great as your desktop site. That is, it should not look like this. 

2. Don't create or contract a separate mobile site. 

Not only does this create an entire separate website for you to maintain, but it could lead to SEO problems with duplicate and competing content and with the next big trend you might end up having to create another site! 

3. Do create a responsive website!

What is a responsive website? It is a site that will adapt to the device used to access it. What does this mean? It means you just create one website in a system that can easily adjust. Google recommends this option because it minimizes glitches and eliminates redirect errors. What more could you ask for?

There are a few platforms that let you do this, and Hubspot is one of them. The best part about these platforms? They are living, breathing companies that will be adapting with the times. When the next big thing hits, Hubspot will have optimized for it before you even knew that you needed it! 

Do you already have a website and don't want to start from scratch? We get it! Hubspot's migration tool brings in an expert team to recreate your website exactly in their platform, which is automatically a responsive format. Awesome, right?

Now go out there and rock mobile marketing!

Need help or worried about getting it all up and running on your own? Contact Responsive Inbound Marketing to see how we can help you optimize your website, both mobile and desktop, to reach all the customers you have been hoping for!

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