Hire An Inbound Marketing Company For Improved Results

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Jan 25, 2017 10:05:30 AM

inbound marketing companyPicture it: your marketing team is comprised of one or more full-time talents who oversee your company's online promotional pursuits. He/she probably has a diverse set of skills (that may or may not fit your company's needs), but when it comes to the digital marketing world, it's hard to be an expert at everything and still provide a human touch. Some marketers are masters of social media, while others demonstrate strength in paid search, conversion rate optimization, or content marketing. Then, factor in the serious amount of time required to shoulder the complexities of online marketing and you've got an ineffective and worn out team. Oops!

Now consider this: 65% of companies listed traffic and lead generation to be their top marketing challenges. As hard and costly as it is to find the right team of marketers for your organization, investing in an inbound marketing company could actually be worth your while. Here's how:

Mixed Bag Of Goodies

Your business might not be able to afford a designer and a website tester and so on, but an inbound marketing company houses a team with a mixed bag of specialties that caters to the individual needs of each client. This advantage ultimately gives more value than any single person, not to mention a more human approach and fresh ideas. On the flip side, an agency can also be an extension to your current team (sales or marketing), as part of a plan to grow your business.

But it all boils down to money, especially when you already can't afford to hire more people in-house, right? Yet, most companies could benefit from all the services an agency has to offer without the need to hire them full-time and achieve good results. A business, big or small, will have access to a variety of experts that manage multiple accounts and that have more resources required to diversify marketing techniques, which can be more economical than hiring individual experts.


CRM Help And Support

A marketing and sales platform, like HubSpot, can be user-friendly. But, what about learning and understanding all of its features and leveraging them to your full advantage? That's where an inbound marketing company can shine; one that is HubSpot certified can offer help, support, and technical know-how to get you running smoothly.


With inbound marketing, any business can experience a bumpy start. It's already a challenge to stay on top of trends and best practices, let alone learn the do's and don'ts of inbound methodology.  When your company partners up with an inbound marketing agency, your collaborative efforts along with their industry knowledge will build an effective strategy for success appropriate for your industry, company, and buyer personas. Not only will they provide expert advice throughout your partnership, but they will help get ROI quicker; attract more qualified prospects, move leads down the sales funnel, and convert them into customers. This job is one major undertaking for just one single person.

I've really just scratched the surface of how an agency can bring improved results and more value to any business. For a complete comparison on the pros and cons to both sides of hiring an in-house marketer vs. an agency and which route to choose, download our free comprehensive guide.

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