6 Tips For Writing Creative Blog Titles Part 1

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Jan 24, 2017 12:02:46 PM

As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and even if you shouldn’t judge a blog post by its title, most people will. You can’t just slap any title onto your blog post and call it a day. The title is your first opportunity to get people to click on your content. These tips will have you writing creative blog titles that will jump out at readers.  

  1. Use The Right LanguageBlog Titles That Crush It

Using language that will resonate with your buyer persona is important in crafting creative blog titles. Will they respond to a more casual tone, or would they prefer something strictly formal? Your brand’s voice and tone should reflect your buyer persona’s preferences and be carried into your blog posts and titles. But don’t forget that you are trying to connect with people, so a conversational tone can still be professional and engaging.

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  1. Keep Your Promises

Building trust with your audience through your content is part of what will create loyal customers and advocates of your brand. The temptation exists to exaggerate or over-promise with your content headline: "Make $5,000 an hour without leaving your house!" Would you believe that was a genuine blog post? Audiences are skeptical and they hate click bait. So don’t give into the temptation to over-exaggerate. This will only hurt you in the long run.

 It’s important to set clear expectations for the information contained within the post. You can create bold, enticing blog titles by being specific about the post's topic.

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  1. Optimize For Search and Social

Part of writing a killer blog title is making sure that it is optimized for search engines. Around 70 characters is the ideal length to shoot for so that search engines will display your full title. HubSpot’s research found that headlines between 8-12 words long got the most shares on Twitter, and headlines that were either 12 or 14 words long got the most likes on Facebook. You should also always include your keyword in your title, and have it come close to the beginning whenever possible.

  1. Demonstrate Value

With any content you produce, providing value for your audience needs to be a top goal. Demonstrating the value of your blog post with the title will make your audience want to read on. Will they learn a new skill, receive a comprehensive overview of a topic, or see examples that will help their company? Explain to them why they should read your post. Using numbers in the title indicates that someone can easily digest the main points. Adding “template” or “video” after your title will let people know exactly what they are getting.

  1. Find A Buddy

It can be helpful to have a partner when it comes to thinking up creative blog titles. Someone with a fresh perspective can help you come up with a new idea or angle when you’ve been staring at the same title for 20 minutes.  You can also try out a blog title generator, which can help you come up with not only catchy titles, but blog topics too.  

  1. Get Them Curious

Say something provocative or even controversial in your title, like why something is a waste of time or why people hate a certain thing. Use strong language such as action verbs and catchy adjectives, which can make your title more engaging.

Don’t be afraid to use humor or reference current events. This can help to catch someone’s eye among all the other search engine results. For example, How You Can Be The Next Chewbacca Facebook Sensation is a title that grabs your attention and intrigues you to click through.   

Creative blog titles are just as important as the content they represent. Don’t let the headline be an afterthought.

Look out for Part 2: Brilliant Blog Titles That We Love!introduction to business blogging

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