Doubling Your Leads In Just One Week

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Aug 14, 2017 10:58:56 AM

63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. If you fall into this group the promise of doubling your leads in just a week sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But it’s probably too good to be true. Or maybe not.Double Your Leads

HubSpot ran a test and audited the content offers on their blog posts. They changed out low performing offers and optimized for conversion with new, better aligned offers based on topic. The result was 100% more leads than usual for the updated blog posts in just a week.

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When the content offer in your blog post is closely related to the reason a visitor would have ended up on your post to begin with, they’re more likely to be interested in learning more and see the value in your offer, and therefore convert. With any content you create, your buyer persona’s needs and interests should be the top consideration.

HubSpot’s audit is easy to copy for your own content so you can start doubling your leads.

How To Get Started

Start by creating a spreadsheet of all of your blog posts. You could organize this by the amount of organic traffic, like HubSpot did, because the more traffic you’re already getting, the better chance to increase your leads. If you’ve been blogging for awhile and have a large quantity of posts, you could start by analyzing your top 10, 20, or 50 posts. You’ll also want to track the number of leads or customers generated from each post as well as the CTA conversion rate.

Then you need to analyze your data to find opportunities for doubling your leads through optimization. HubSpot found that for their blog, “the sweet spot was high blog post views + low number of leads generated + low landing page submission rate.”

It then becomes a matching game. Look through your content offers and see which offer may align better with each post. If you don’t already have a piece of content that will fit with a particular topic, then you can create a list of ideas.

You can also analyze your content offers and find out which have the highest conversion rate. Then look for opportunities to use those offers in your blog posts with the highest traffic. Remember, the more relevant and aligned your content offer is to the topic of the blog post, the more likely you are to get a conversion.

Optimize Your CTA

Your work isn’t done once you’ve created a great content offer. The actual CTA is important too. Using the right type of call to action will help you to get more leads. Make sure your CTA is optimized for conversion as well by following best practices: keep the copy short and action oriented, make it visually appealing and sized appropriately, keep the message clear so the visitor knows what they’re getting when they click.

And once you start capturing all of these new leads, make sure that you have lead nurturing workflows set up to help them continue along the buyer’s journey.

Analyze And Repeat

Once you’ve optimized your top blog posts and matched them to the right CTAs, make sure that you are measuring the right KPIs and metrics to see if the changes were successful (ideally doubling your leads), and so that you can continue doing what works. If you don’t see an increase in leads or conversions in a few weeks, try a different CTA.

As you continue to produce new content and content offers, going back and analyzing older pieces can increase their impact, especially because older posts that follow SEO best practices continue to attract organic traffic over time. It’s a good idea to repeat this audit every 6 months to a year to monitor new content and offer alignment, as well as ensure that the other changes you made are still effective.

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