9 Healthcare Apps with Killer Content

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Aug 13, 2015 12:38:19 PM

When it comes to content marketing in healthcare industries, it’s all about the information. Patients want healthcare content that is fast, easily accessed, and specific to them, but above all they want content that informs them. So far, most people have agreed that the Internet is the best vessel for this content, but now there’s an even better option: smartphones. The latest of the eHealthcare trends is healthcare apps that give patients a range of different options for finding healthcare information. Check out these 9 healthcare apps with killer content that succeed in giving patients the information they want: 

1. DoctorOnDemand
With the DoctorOnDemand app, patients can remotely chat with doctors in real time. The app uses smartphone video capabilities to set up consultations over a video call, meaning doctors can accurately diagnose and prescribe treatment for strictly non-emergency conditions. It’s faster and easier than booking an appointment with a doctor in person, so patients love it. 

2. LiveHealthOnline
LiveHealthOnline also provides video consultations and prescriptions with doctors, but the crucial difference is that this app accepts several types of health insurance. So, patients only have to worry about their usual co-pay, which makes them even more likely to take advantage of the app. 

3. HealthTap
HealthTap is a third app that works in much the same way, but it has its own benefit: connecting with your regular healthcare provider. Patients can request for their usual doctor to sign up for the app, meaning they can talk to somebody with extensive knowledge of their medical history and other prescriptions. 

4. ZocDoc
ZocDoc is another app that’s all about finding the right doctor. It allows patients to search a local area for doctors that accept their insurance. Even better, it also has ratings and reviews from other patients so that the user can make the most informed choice. 

5. Red Cross
Not everybody is trained to deal with medical emergencies, and that’s where the Red Cross first aid app comes in. It gives simple instructions for dealing with first aid scenarios like asthma attacks or administering CPR, which can quite literally save lives. 

6. Micromedex
Micromedex is a pharmaceutical reference app for different types of drugs, their recommended dosages, and their possible side effects. It also allows patients to search for drugs for their current condition, in order for them to discuss all possibilities with their doctors. 

7. SkinVision
SkinVision is designed to help prevent skin cancer by catching some of the early warning signs. It analyzes pictures of moles to determine whether or not they’re dangerous, and allows patients to track changes to the moles, all without needing constant (and expensive) doctor visits. 

8. MyChart
MyChart is an app meant for storing medical records. It keeps them organized and easily accessible, so that patients don’t have to dig through piles of paper when they need to find a specific piece of information. 

9. Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic app is like a combination of several of these apps, all rolled into one. It has patient records (including x-ray images), notes from previous appointments, the ability to schedule new appointments, and a chat function to ask a doctor about health concerns and questions. With so many functions, it’s incredibly time- and labor-saving for the patients that use it. 

Each of these apps demonstrates a revolutionary healthcare communication strategy, making it easier for patients to find answers to health-related questions and access the healthcare that they need. So, it’s clear why apps are the new trend in digital marketing for healthcare professionals, and how much you can benefit from creating your own!

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