5 Reasons to Use Content Marketing in Healthcare

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Jun 8, 2015 12:39:12 PM
The healthcare industry has made incredible advancements over the past decade; that’s why it’s so surprising that many medical practices don’t take advantage of content marketing online! Fortunately, digital marketing is becoming a more common practice for medical professionals looking to gain more traffic, patients, and referrals through their website. Here, we’ll provide 5 major reasons why you simply need to write more in order to achieve your medical practice marketing goals today.
  1. Blogs Bring in Traffic 

Maintaining a consistent content marketing blog can help potential patients find your medical practice when they search for health-related information. In fact, in the healthcare industry, 72% of Internet users have searched for health and medical information online (Pew Research Center). When you put time and effort into a specialty health blog to attract more patients and patient referrals, it can really pay off when those patients decide to follow up on the information they find on your website.

  1. Free Content is Better Than Paid

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, of the 26% of Internet users seeking health information that were asked to pay for it, only 2% actually did so. The fact is: there is a huge demand for free health information online – but not for paid information. So, attract prospective patients to your website by providing free readable, engaging, and helpful content marketing in healthcare.

  1. Your Content Sets Your Desired Tone

Your blog gives customers a glimpse of your practice before they visit you in person. Speaking in a conversational tone can help the prospective patient get comfortable with your practice. When a patient is comfortable, they’re more likely to make an emotional connection with your site and practice – which will, then, make them more likely to choose you over another medical provider.

  1. Content Marketing Helps Patients 

Instead of focusing on your services, content marketing encourages you to consider the patient’s lifestyle and how your practice can help each patient achieve a better one. When your content focuses on helping your patient lead a longer, happier life, this sets the tone for a mutually beneficial relationship before the patient even steps foot in your medical practice.

  1. Sites with Content Marketing Get Links

According to QuickSprout, content-rich websites generate 97% more links than websites without content – and websites with blogs have much better visibility in search engines. Including a blog on your website will help you rank better in search engines, get more traffic to your website, and get links from other websites.

These 5 key reasons to use content marketing in the healthcare industry illustrate just how important it is for medical professionals to embrace digital marketing today – and why strong, consistent content can help you create lasting relationships with your patients. Get found by putting helpful content online and you’ll grow your practice and reputation.

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