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Aug 14, 2015 12:36:48 PM

post_it_news-512893-editedAnother Friday, another news round-up! We’ve gathered this week's biggest news stories here for your perusal: 

1. These Veggies Are Out of This World
What’s the one thing space needs to be even cooler than it already is? If you answered lettuce, little kids all over the world are disappointed in you – but at least NASA’s got your back. They’ve been growing space veggies in their new experiment Veg-01, and this week some astronauts actually got to try the results. Growing the plants was pretty complex, but now that they’ve succeeded, they’re already making plans for space cabbage, space tomatoes, and maybe even space potatoes. Dream big, NASA. 

2. Why the Long Face?
This courtroom sketch of Tom Brady took the meaning of the word “sketchy” to a whole new level. While Brady was in court fighting his four-game suspension, a sketch artist was capturing the scene, but afterwards people noticed that Brady’s face seemed a bit off in the drawing:
Image source: BBC 

Yikes. The artist herself apologized for not making Brady “as good looking as he really is,” but there’s no stopping the hordes of Twitter users from photoshopping this face onto every image possible, from E.T. to Mount Rushmore.

3. Return of the (Comedy) King
A documentary released this week called I am Chris Farley is bringing SNL and movie star Chris Farley back to everybody’s TV screens – and hearts. A bunch of his comedic characters became instantly iconic – like Matt Foley, the motivational speaker who lived in a van down by the river, or the Chippendale’s dancer competing with Patrick Swayze, not to mention his unforgettable performance in the film Tommy Boy – and launched him to huge success. This documentary celebrates his life, and regardless of his unfortunate struggles with addiction that led to his death at 33, how so many people will always remember him and laugh. Check it out to see some of his most hilarious moments and learn more about his remarkable life. 

4. Patty-Cake, Patty-Cake, Baker’s Man…
Bake me a cake as fast as you can! In 2012, a baker refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, saying it went against his religious beliefs. But, just yesterday, a court ruled that his take on “freedom of religion” was actually something that’s called “discrimination.” So, looks like the couple will be getting their cake after all – better three years late than never. 

5. Back to Basics with ABC
ABC is easy as 1-2-3, right? Google thinks so! They created a new parent company for themselves, called Alphabet, to simplify things. Google will stay focused on the search engine and advertising side of the business, while Alphabet will oversee the other projects that Google has in the works – think things like Google Glass and driverless cars. This move pacified investors who were worried Google was moving too far away from its tried-and-true business techniques, but it leaves open the possibility for more innovation. 

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