7 Tricks To Increase Organic Traffic

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Oct 5, 2016 10:26:27 AM

7 Tricks To Increasing Organic Traffic.When it comes to website traffic, just like produce, organic is best. Organic traffic tends to be more targeted and SEO-based traffic is typically more relevant and reliable. According to Monitor Backlink’s blog, search engine traffic is preferable because it “converts much better than traffic from social media or other sources.” Need help with your business blogging? Check out this free Ebook, it has everything you need to know and more!

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  1. Keyword Assessment

Before anything else, perform a keyword assessment of your site. Start with a list of topics most important to your buyer personas. Once you have a list of up to 10, compile a complementary list of search terms, keywords, and phrases (long-tail keywords) that your target audience is searching for. Enlist some help like from HubSpot’s keyword rank tool to determine keyword strength. While there are many other tools available these days, the best organic traffic still comes from keyword searches.

  1. Blog

Blog. Blog a lot. Blog on relevant topics that your readers are interested in. Blogs present you with the opportunity to be seen as an industry thought leaders and are a great way to attract visitors to your site. Be consistent and topical. This is a simple trick to increase organic traffic because readers and users love fresh content.

  1. Curate Content

Although we might sound like a skipping record, content really is that important. As is the type of content you curate. Make sure you write for your target audience—buyer personas—and not just to increase your search engine rank. The better content you provide, the better your audience will engage, organically improving your SEO.

  1. Backlinks

Due to search engine algorithms, backlinks are a great trick to increase organic traffic, but be aware of the quality of the links. “Good” backlinks improve your rankings, while “bad” backlinks can drag you down. The good news is that there are tools available to help you monitor and remove bad backlinks. The best way to get reputable backlinks is through quality content, including blog posts and images.

  1. Optimize!

Google factors in metadata as well as keywords when ranking content. Optimize metadata—titles, descriptions, image info, etc.—to increase your chances to rank higher on results pages. Keyword stuffing is passé so avoid it, but make sure your most important keywords are in the first paragraph of text.

  1. Mobilize!

It is critical to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Although hard numbers vary, recent statistics concur that more than 50 percent of online searches are performed on mobile devices. Which means that even if your site ranks high, you will lose a significant amount of traffic because readers will quickly leave when they get frustrated.

  1. Socialize!

Even though we are discussing tricks for increasing organic traffic, we cannot ignore social media. Why? Because social sharing and recommendations help increase your SEO rank. Even if readers are not linking to you from SM, Google recognizes its importance to attracting visitors. This one is a win-win since it increases organic traffic and referral links.

Increasing site traffic is not as complicated as you might think. With these simple tricks to increase organic traffic, it is easy to boost the number of visitors to your site without having to spend money on advertising such as PPC.

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