5 Places To Promote Your Technology Blog

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Oct 7, 2016 9:45:19 AM

Places To Promote Your Technology Blog.So, you have a great technology blog, so why aren’t more people reading it? Even though inbound is based on the premise that readers will come to you, you still have to help them find you by promoting your technology blog. While there are some general guidelines for blog promotion, let’s look at it through a tech lens. If you are looking for information on the best practices behind business blogging then you're in luck. Check out our free Ebook business blogging tips!

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  1. Post on Reddit

Although Reddit has a bit of a mixed reputation, it boasts a lot of potential for tech types. Take a look at subreddits specific to your topics, such as technology and entrepreneur. If you are a subject matter expert on a specific technology or product, you could even host an Ask Me Anything feed. Reddit has the potential to expand your readership and make you go viral, especially if your posts contain video or images.

  1. Link to Other Tech Blogs

Reading and commenting on other tech blogs is a good start to promoting your blog. Not only will this give you insight into what topics readers are interested in, but it also affords you the opportunity to comment and link to your blog. Furthermore, backlinking to high-profile technology sites will help boost your reputation and your Google rank. Plus, you can scan your competitors’ sites and see whom they are backlinking to.

  1. Guest Post

This applies to all industries because guest authoring opens you up to a new, wider audience and helps you promote yourself as a subject matter expert. This proves even more important in the technology sector since it covers such a wide range of topics all of which can be drilled down into smaller sub-topic categories. For example, forget just being an expert on smartphones, now, there are niches for every different phone brand and precise functions on those different models. Use this specificity as a way to distinguish yourself within your niche.

  1. Startup Sites

There are several sites that cater to the tech startup sector. Launching Next, Promote Hour, and Crunch Base are just a few popular sites that list and promote start-up companies and brands. Depending on your precise technology topic these sites could be great places to promote your technology blog and garner some attention. You can also search for other startups and perhaps discover a potential partnership.

  1. Social Media

We know you saw this one coming, but we would be remiss not mentioning SM as a place to promote your technology blog. Why? Because techies love data and social media provides an excellent way for you to share content with readers. But, don’t just post and forget it. Interact with readers—answers questions, ask for opinions, respond to comments. Engaging with your audience will help you continue to grow that audience.

These five places are listed in no particular order of preference, and you may find some of them more helpful than others. We can offer you helpful guidelines, but since you are the expert on your target audience and your particular slice of the tech sector, you will have to determine which of these have the greatest reach and are the best match for your brand.

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