6 Ways the Internet of Things Can Enhance Tech Marketing

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Aug 18, 2015 2:36:54 PM

Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, and now the next big thing is emerging: the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is poised to become the next technological revolution, and like others before it, it’s going to have a big impact on marketing. But, your tech company doesn’t have to wait for it to get big before taking advantage of the marketing perks it can offer! Using the IoT for your tech products will benefit your marketing in 6 big ways. But, before we begin, let’s go over what the Internet of Things actually is. It’s a network of objects that communicate with each other independently, without needing a person to give them commands. A lot of the talk surrounding the IoT is about adding tech to everyday objects – for instance, a smart label that can automatically send a message to your smartphone when your milk has gone bad – but the fact is, your tech company can use the Internet of Things to improve marketing for any of your tech products. 

The enhancements that the IoT makes to your products can fall into two main categories, both of which have their own unique marketing benefits. The first category is making products become media, which enables the products to benefit your marketing by: 

1. Collecting Data
Products can independently collect data on their user, including information like how, when, and where the product is used. This sort of data collection lets marketers immediately know the best ways to target the consumer, without needing to rely on surveys or feedback. 

2. Monitoring Stage of the Buyer’s Journey
Similarly, products can help you figure out where the customer is in the buying process. This means you know the best ways to convince them to move to the next stage, and you can easily individualize the message to the customer. 

3. Sending Content On-Demand
Smart products on the IoT can also independently send ads or other content to consumers’ smartphones depending on where they are or what they’re doing – data you have, thanks to the product. As long as this is done right, it’s an improved inbound marketing for your tech company’s product: you’re giving your customers the content they want, and they don’t even have to go looking for it! 

The IoT also can make products become services, in order to improve the customer experience and help you convert customers to brand evangelists. This means your tech will be able to: 

4. Personalize and Improve Itself
The product itself will know what its user wants, and as it learns more about their preferences, it can personalize the user experience on its own. It can also make improvements based on how the customer is using it. 

5. Update and Fix Itself
The product can also act as its own maintenance system. It can recognize if it begins to malfunction, and either update itself to solve the problem or alert its user to the problem so they can remedy it. It can even offer solutions for how to get itself fixed. 

6. Improve the User Experience
Tech can also help out with customer service – without you needing to do a thing. If a customer seems to be having trouble with using the product, like repeating the same action over and over, the product can send a how-to video or short tutorial link to the customer’s smartphone or computer. And, when customer service is expected to be one of the most important marketing strategies in 2016 and beyond, a product that works so hard to make customers happy is a smart investment. 

In tech, staying ahead is paramount, so don’t let the newest developments catch you unaware. Begin to implement the tech needed for your products to stay connected, and find out all the ways the Internet of Things can enhance tech marketing!

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