5 Inbound Marketing Myths Your Tech Company Shouldn’t Believe

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Jul 20, 2015 2:26:00 PM

So, your tech company needs a marketing boost. Inbound marketing could be the perfect choice – but is it the choice you’ll make? Unfortunately, the common inbound marketing myths and misconceptions floating around can scare businesses away. If you’re under the impression that using inbound marketing for your tech company is too ineffective or too risky, keep reading to find out the truth about 5 inbound marketing myths that might be hurting your own marketing efforts: 

1. We’re not ready to start inbound yet.
The words “inbound marketing” seem to strike fear into many businesses’ hearts. It sounds so difficult and complicated; they think it surely requires months of careful planning and preparation. In reality, inbound marketing is actually pretty simple. It takes time and effort to do it well, but to start using inbound marketing for your tech company, all you need is a website and an online presence. And, as a tech company, that means you probably already have a head start. 

2. Clients won’t find us through online content.
It’s easy to assume that if a potential client needs tech services, they’ll contact you if they’re interested in working with your company. But, it’s not usually that simple. Over 80% of buying decisions are made using online resources, and buyers looking for tech services spend even more time self-educating during the buying process. Often, consumers won’t contact a company until they’ve made a definite decision. So, online content is actually crucial for businesses to compete with other tech companies. 

3. Nobody will fill out forms or sign up for emails.
Companies worry that their website’s visitors won’t want to give out their personal information or receive marketing emails. With the right content, though, visitors are more than willing to become leads. They just have to know that giving out some information of their own is worth the information you’ll give them in exchange. So, make sure that the content you offer is going to help them with their tech problems or decisions. 

4. We have nothing to blog about.
This misconception is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of business blogging. Your company’s blog isn’t going to read like a personal blog; it’s not intended for constant news and life updates. Rather, you should use it as a way to show off your tech knowledge. If you can help a reader solve a problem, they’re more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to make a purchase because you’ve proven that you know your tech. 

5. We don’t have the time.
It’s not a myth that inbound marketing takes a lot of time and effort. But, that’s not a reason to give up on it altogether! You don’t need to take more time out of your busy schedule if you hire an inbound marketing agency to work with you. They can take some of the work off of your hands, and you’ll get the benefits without having to sacrifice too much time. Plus, you have the added benefit of working with experts. 

So, now you know the difference between inbound marketing facts and fiction. Keep them in mind when you’re deciding on your next marketing strategy – inbound marketing might be just what you’re looking for!

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