5 Key Tips for Creating Subscription Boxes That Convert (and How to Market Yours!)

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Jan 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Getting people to subscribe to your blog, newsletter or emails feels great, doesn’t it? It means that not only are they interested in your brand, they’re also landing on your list of valuable soft leads that could end up one day becoming your full-fledged customers. 

We put together a list of key elements that help a subscription box successfully convert.

You can learn a lot of marketing lessons from the sign up boxes that catch our attention. What are they doing right? 

But first…

Why Are Subscription/Sign Up Boxes Important?

It’s a strategic way for businesses to generate new revenues. A subscriber signs up with their email address in exchange for a good deal. With the right amount of lead nurturing, you can bring in new business by focusing on building relationships through your content. 

Now, let’s get right into them!

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1. Moz - Show the value behind the subscription. 

Take a look at Moz’s successful opt-in strategy. You’ll notice they use the clever tactic of talking directly to the busy persona who doesn’t have the time to comb through countless of industry news articles to find those that are worth reading. 

subscription box

Curated news articles aren’t their only selling point. Moz also offers a sense of community saying “This is your exclusive digest of the information you don’t always have the time to hunt down, but definitely want to read!”

Well played, Moz. 


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2. Travel + Leisure - Offer an irresistible incentive.

With a site like Travel + Leisure, the best thing you can do to appease people to sign up to your newsletter is to make them an offer they can’t refuse, such as access to exclusive travel deals. Not to mention they offer a lot of value for an email address like insider tips and breaking news.

Pro Tip: Having a subscription/sign up box at the footer of your website contributes to a better user experience as visitors scroll down your page. 

subscription box


3. Ripped Body - Add social proof.

As a popular fitness website, Ripped Body doesn’t hold back when it comes to boasting the fact that they have a network of 60,000 subscribers. This is a selling point that makes for a strategic marketing tactic.  

subscription box


4. frame.io - Use a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Frame.io is a collaboration platform for those who work with video. There are several elements of their page that stand out in terms of design and strategy - one being the CTA. From color contrast to simplicity to persuasive CTA text, the brand creates an attention-grabbing offer that’s accompanied with a video about the company. 

subscription box


5. Responsive Inbound Marketing - Greet visitors with a pop-up CTA form.

If you want people on your mailing list, you need to grab their attention. That’s where a pop-up form comes in handy.

Here’s why it’s effective:

subscription box

Visitors who land on your page normally have a lot of information and options to choose from. And no matter how great your web content is, most of them will leave and never come back. 

An effective way to get these visitors back is through email marketing. A pop-up form can increase sign-ups by showcasing the value of your offering. For example, we provide a few topics that are featured in our blog to give visitors an idea of the content they’ll receive in their inbox.

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