Five Ways to Monitor Social Media in HubSpot

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Nov 25, 2015 3:41:12 PM

According to Telemetrics, 46 percent of online users consult social media before making a purchase decision. Potential customers are one thing, but what about people who are complaining about your brand or service? They also go to social media to voice their opinions, and they don’t want to feel overlooked or ignored.Using_Social_Media_Monitoring_in_HubSpot.jpg

Social media provides opportunities to connect with potential customers and keep loyal customers happy. But you can’t spend all of your time checking in on your social accounts, so what’s the solution? HubSpot offers a variety of solutions to assist with social media management.

1. Manage your Engagements

While communicating your message is an important part of social media, ensuring that your readers are engaged is also a top priority. However, managing all of the social media accounts associated with the business can be very time consuming. With the social inbox tool from HubSpot, you can identify interaction-generating content, reply to social conversations and gather intelligence about new followers.

 2. Create Streams

By creating streams, you can attract more visitors to your website. You can also track mentions of words and phrases that are typically associated with your brand. It also helps to offer context and support to your social conversations. Create lists in order to monitor specific contacts and improve your conversation.

3. Collect Social Reports

How can you measure the success of your social campaigns without the numbers? HubSpot allows you to run reports on how well your social media efforts have performed. The reports have a default report available to compare from month by month. You can also add filters to ensure your data is tailored to exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Upload Messages in Bulk

The bulk scheduling feature allows you to organize your tweets in advance. With this tool you can keep your campaigns organized, improve your reach and also scale your social media marketing. You no longer have to worry about scheduling each post on the day of, and planning in advance will allow you to put more thought into each post.

5. Engage with Leads

Typically, leads are identified as people who have filled out a form on your site. With the social monitoring tool, you can monitor what your best leads are saying about your industry and your company. It also allows you to nurture your leads based on what they’re saying online.

With social media, it’s important to stay organized and outline your approach. Fortunately, HubSpot makes it easier to create effective, thoughtful and structured campaigns.

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