4 Tips to Ace the Decision Stage

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Jul 13, 2015 3:05:42 PM

Of the three stages in the buyer’s journey, the decision stage has the highest stakes. It’s at this stage that buyers come to a crossroads, and they have to make a choice. Often, it’s around then that leads disappear and are never heard from again. With that in mind, you might be wondering: How do I get someone to buy? Well, you’re in luck, because we have 4 simple tips that will help your company ace the decision stage!

But, first: what exactly is the decision stage? It’s the third stage in the buyer’s journey, following the awareness and consideration stages. By this point, the buyer has already figured out the problem they have and how they want to fix it. Now, they’re looking for a company that can give them what they want. This is where your marketing expertise can help you convince them that your company is the best fit – and here’s how: 

1. Targeted Offers
Marketers not only need to understand the buyer's journey; they also need to understand which types of offers should be paired with which stages. A lead in the awareness stage isn’t ready for a conversation with your sales team, just like a lead ready for a decision doesn’t want any more troubleshooting content. By tailoring your content to the buyer’s current stage with smart offers, you’re more likely to attract them to your company. 

2. Case Studies
Once you’re sure your leads are at the right stage to make decisions, try showcasing a few case studies. Case studies and other testimonials from your clients who love your company are real proof that you can solve your potential buyers’ problems, and that’s all they want. 

3. Free Trials and Demos
Another way to convince buyers that your product can help is by giving them a chance to try it out for themselves. Nothing is more convincing than seeing a live demonstration of exactly how your product can make their lives easier! 

4. Communicate with Sales
The decision stage is the point at which prospective buyers begin to communicate more with sales than with marketing. This means that your sales team has the information on which leads became customers, and which ones didn’t. Knowing what types of offers and content generate the most customers allows you to keep improving, so, as a marketer, you should always be in contact with sales to continue refining your marketing methods. 

Smart marketing helps you move visitors and leads down the sales funnel to become customers. So, try out these 4 tips to target the right people and convince them that your company is the best choice!

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