How Can Inbound Get Me Customers? The Decision Stage

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Jun 13, 2014 12:31:00 PM

Sick of buyer personas and the buyer's journey yet? Well we are almost done! We have gone over why buyer personas are important as well as the first and second stages of their journey and the research process before a purchase, but how do I make sure that a buyer chooses my company? I will go over just that in this final installment of our four-part buyer persona blog series.

It is definitely important to catch prospects in the educational stage of their journey. I want my company to be my prospects' trusted source, and I can establish that trust in the early stages. But when it comes to the decision stage, content is still important. 

Screen_shot_2014-06-12_at_10.15.54_AMI need my website to take the leads I have nourished and turn them into customers, and you do too! This happens during the decision stage. 

In the decision stage a prospect has defined their problem, decided on a strategy, and is compiling a list of available vendors and products to implement that solution. Be on the top of a prospect's list by making their job easier. By supplying prospects with vendor and product comparisons, case studies, trial downloads, product literature, and even live demos, I can bring prospects making a decision to my site by giving them the information that they are looking for. 

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We will keep our Friday Fun link short today to let you get the most out of your busy Friday, but for a quick laugh, check out this video. As a part of the technology world we laughed a lot at this one and thought you might, too! But remember, your customers are not afraid of technology and you should not be either. Responsive Inbound Marketing can help! 

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