A Walk Through the Buyer's Journey

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Dec 6, 2016 11:34:00 AM

Do you know everything you need about the 3-step process of a buyer? For example, do you know the difference between the Awareness stage and the Consideration stage? 

Consider this:

70% of a buyer's journey is complete before a buyer reaches out to sales.

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer for a minute and take a stroll on the path to purchase. Let's take a look at what their journey looks like.

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The Awareness Stage

This is the first impression, the interview, the initial handshake that will forever be remembered by your prospective buyer! It's where your user-friendly webpage and blog, which is loaded with useful information, will help enlighten them. 

How can you tell if the prospect is in the awareness stage?

Your prospect is looking for some information on a problem. And while they search for a solution, they are becoming aware of how you can solve that problem for them.

However, to understand your prospective buyers - who they are and how to sell to them effectively - you'll need to first create buyer personas. This marketing strategy is important to crafting killer content to build their trust. Take a lesson or two from this helpful article on how to create buyer personas properly. 

Tip: Add a downloadable eBook or white paper on your website's landing page using a lead generation form. 

The Consideration Stage

In this stage, the buyer has learned the solution to their problem. They are now considering multiple companies to help them reach this solution. This is where you must stand out from the pack.

What's the best way to approach your prospects in the consideration stage?

While other companies bombard the prospect with aggressive sales tactics, such as countless calls and emails, you must stand out like a Ferrari 458 sitting atop a hill, glistening in the autumn sunset.

Having testimonials, reviews, product  demos, and case studies displayed on your website are all great ways to back up that you are, in fact, the best solution to their problem. Make the buyer comfortable with your product or service by gaining their trust. Tell them exactly what they get for their money.

Be transparent! 

The Decision Stage

This the final stage in the buyer’s journey. This is the last step to solving the problem and it is completely out of your hands…or is it?

What does the prospect EXPECT from you?

The buyer will want to speak to a member of your staff, try a free trial, or request a consultation or demo. You'll need to make these options available to them, digitally of course. Create and display these options on your website (landing page, blog posts) and in your communication (nurture emails) so they can easily take action if they want to learn more about your product or service.

This is the tipping point. If they like what they see, they will most likely continue with your service, but if you fail to execute here, you are at risk of losing them altogether. 

Win Your Next Customer

If you don’t understand the buyer's journey, you can say goodbye to drawing in more clients. Be smart and strategize your webpage to help buyers in every stage of the journey. A good first impression is huge, but you must be able to carry a conversation with you potential buyers too. Help them as they advance through their journey and show them that your company is the solution to their problem. 

And there you have it! You have made it through the buyer's journey, but you still need to understand who these buyers are!

Use this guide to help you develop buyer personas and capture your target audience.  

Capture your Audiance with the ultimate buyer persona

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