4 Must-do’s After Getting a Lead

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Jan 26, 2015 1:36:38 PM

So, you’ve generated a lead. Congratulations! But, now what?

Once you have a customer in the buying arena, you need to give them some attention in order to nurture the sale. Here’s a comprehensive list of 4 things you need to do after a lead is generated in order to maximize the possibility of the person converting for a sale.

  1. Thank your lead.

Sending a thank you email is absolutely essential for converting new leads. This is your chance to make a good first impression while letting them know that you received their content request. A “Thank you” page or email is necessary; it’s like the handshake after a job interview. It should be visually appealing, recently updated, and offer further value with a related eBook or exclusive discount. Bottom line: make a lasting, positive first impression.

  1. Push for a secondary conversion.

Right after getting a lead is the ideal time to push for another conversion. You’re giving them something for free, and your online ads and landing pages have convinced them of how much they have to gain from engaging with you, so this is the perfect opportunity to take it one step further! Prompt the lead to another relevant piece of your content or toward social engagement. A social Follow or Like gives your company a dynamic way to communicate with your leads. Social platforms give you a 24/7 window of communication. They allow you to promote your content or find leads. 

  1. Segment your leads.

Segmenting your leads significantly increases the chance that they’ll convert in the long run because you can communicate with them far more specifically, delivering the content they’re likely to want at the time they’re likely to want it. For instance, you know that the people who download your landing page eBook are more interested in your landing page articles than they are in your CRM articles. Knowing that, and delivering targeted content, increases your value to that lead and sets you apart from spammers. This increases trust, open rates, and the chance that they’ll click on your free demo prompt at the bottom of your email. You can also segment leads by their demographic and lead information. 

  1. Act if your lead unsubscribes.

Instead of having a pity party if someone unsubscribes, the best thing to do is act. An optimized “Goodbye” page, rather than the standard “You’ve been unsubscribed” page, is a great way to do this. Try something like “To help us improve our service, let us know if you have any comments as we’d love to get your insight!” or “What contributed to you leaving?” You can also prompt a lesser conversion, like “Don’t want to subscribe to our email list but still like us? Why not connect on Facebook or Twitter?” Use humor. While this isn’t because your lead will necessarily re-subscribe, it is incredibly effective for leaving them with a positive opinion of your business. An optimized “Goodbye” page can be the difference between a future sale and a poor review, a word of mouth recommendation or a word of mouth criticism. 

Now that you’ve read these 4 key tips, you’ll be able to make leads more valuable by guiding them further down the buyer’s journey, closer to the sale. Generating a lead isn’t a guaranteed sale, but these pointers will help to increase the chances! Be resourceful, be helpful, and note the details. Good luck! 

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