3 Ways Your Restaurant Can Master Facebook Marketing

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Jul 31, 2014 12:17:00 PM

"I know my restaurant should be on Facebook, but I just don't know how to make it work." Sound familiar? If that is something you might say, then this post is for you. We are here to give you simple tools and tips to help you optimize your restaurant's Facebook page and bring customers running for a taste of your treats. 

Here are our 3 Top Tips To Master Your Restaurant's Facebook Page

1. Make it pop.

Optimize your cover photo and profile picture.

This is not only the first thing potential customers will see when they click on your page, but it is also the biggest and the most impactful. Not only should your profile picture fit well with your cover photo, but it should also be recognizable branding even when it's tiny, such as when it shows up in someone's news feed.

Make sure you make both eye-catching and not too distracting, as well as high-quality and properly cropped.

-Sites like the Social Image Resizer Tool can make your life infinitely easier on this one.

-Check out some of our favorite image editors if you want to get creative with your cover photo! See our favorite Canva below!

-This post also has a great list of impactful cover photo examples for inspiration. 


Use your tabs. 

These can be customized or include your additional online presence, such as showing off your locations, Pinterest, or Instagram. Think carefully about the first few visible ones, and make it fun and interactive for your customers! 


2. Include All Useful Information

Let them know all About you.

The About section should have all of the information a potential restaurant visitor might need. Include contact information, hours of operation, services and types of available food, price range and payment options, reservation information, and unique information or a company history.

We all know that customers are picky, and with the proliferation of restaurants can be very choosy, give them no reasons to give up on you for a competitor. (If they are worried about availability and a competitor makes it easy to call and check, you better do so, too!) You want your customers to be able to get a clear picture of all of the logistics of their experience with your restaurant so they can put them into place!

Update often.

Facebook followers want to be able to see a glimpse of what they are Screen_shot_2014-07-31_at_11.59.09_AMgetting. Reel them in with updates on products, menu changes, and offers.

When you cut a dish from the menu would you rather have loyal customers flocking to your doors because you warned them or irate customers complaining about the loss? Post about the change! They'll appreciate it and hopefully drool at some pictures of your upcoming dishes. 

3. Interest & Invite

Invite your visitors to stay a while.

Your posts will not be seen too often without news feeds for them to appear in. For those you need actual followers and likes, which can sometimes be tough. People are picky, it's their nature. 

Let your customers know that they will be getting the best in your restaurant and on your page. Make them want to spend time on your Facebook page and interact with your content. Use pictures often to catch viewers' eyes. If you post about a menu item make sure to describe it in the caption as you would want your top-notch server to introduce the dish. It might also be a good idea to include local content as well as funny or inspirational quotes or images.

Don't forget, restaurants live in communities and are communities in and of themselves. Making that community inviting and close-knit can make all the difference! 

There you have it, our top suggestions for Restaurant Facebook pages. Let us know if any of them work for you, we would love to hear!

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