3 Twitter Tips To Make Your Hospitality Firm Shine

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Aug 1, 2014 9:03:00 AM

Yesterday we brought you 3 Top Tips For Restaurants To Master Facebook, and today we thought we would continue the trend, with 3 Tweet Tips To Help Your Hospitality Company Shine. Because learning how to advertise hospitality on Twitter can be difficult, but so fun!

Why are these tips important? In the social media time line, where Facebook has by now progressed to the professional years Twitter is still in the chaotic high school years, where everything moves at a mile a minute and nothing is static. This can sometimes be hard for businesses to grasp. When you are used to writing professional, long-form content 140 characters feels like a teenager interrupting you with "Shut up!" (Tweet this).

We are here to help you navigate that messy relationship and replace that "Shut up!" with a much more desirable "Awesome!" Not only will this help promote your hospitality brand far and wide, but it will likely bring a whole new audience to your doors. 

So here are our Top 3 Twitter Tips For The Hospitality Sector


In a platform where one can easily receive 200 tweets a minute, it is important to tweet often. You can't expect your followers to visit your page to see what you are offering, you must make sure your content trumps others' in their news feeds at least some of the time. But don't post the same thing ten times a day, that's spam. Give the same content different angles at different times of day to catch as many schedules and time zones as possible. Tools like Hubspot and Tweetdeck allow you to schedule tweets ahead of time, to save you time and energy. 

And a super cool option... Link the rest of your media to Twitter, so every time you post anything it can easily be shared on Twitter. This tool can even help you set up ready-made tweets in your content like the one below. 

These 3 Twitter tips will bring tourists to your door! (Tweet This)


Just as no one wants to follow the tweets of a complaining person, they are not likely to choose to follow a company that only posts "Stay at our hotel, we have a pool!" 20 times a day. 

Make sure that each tweet is informative, fun, or funny. Maybe replace the above tweet with "Check out the giant tower of towels that our lifeguards created to entertain our guests!" and include a picture of the feat. Not only does this help your brand personality shine through, but it brings in followers who share that personality and are more likely to convert to leads. 

Finally, don't forget to use images and hashtags where possible and relevant, hashtags let others who follow those hashtags see your content, and images are much more engaging and eye-catching than text in the barrage of daily updates. Just make sure that they are the right size, so Twitter won't crop them.  

Like we are!

Continuing our Twitter analogy, just as you must be social in high school, you must also be social on Twitter to reap the benefits of popularity. Just publishing content and leaving is not going to grow your community as much as you would like. Following new people, re-tweeting and participating in conversations with users who have lots of followers, and just responding to mentions and follows can go a long way. Even hitting the "favorite" button as you would Facebook's like button can improve your image on Twitter. Just be sure to keep your company's brand in mind as you interact, or you could do more harm than good. 

Now you are ready to set out in the world of Twitter! Bring this post and this list of Twitter Terms as your compass and your map, and go out there and conquer the Twitterverse! 

Once you get established on Twitter, I like to turn my Twitter followers into leads, especially in the hospitality business, where subconscious suggestion and timing are key. Check out these lead generation tips to learn how to get potential customers in your email list and keep yourself at the top of their minds:

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