The 4 Steps Of An Inbound Marketing Funnel.

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May 27, 2014 1:10:00 PM

Inbound Marketing. It's a somewhat confusing term, isn't it? You might be asking "What does inbound marketing entail?" or "Why would my company need inbound marketing when we already run smoothly?" but I am here to tell you that inbound marketing is actually a fairly simple concept and Responsive Inbound Marketing can help you implement it without sacrificing your time or current activities.
The inbound marketing cycle revolves around the idea of bringing customers to you, as opposed to bringing your materials to them. It requires a few different activities and a simple conversion pathway to help turn strangers into customers and even brand promoters. 

The first step in this Inbound Methodology is to attract strangers to your site. This is where custom and original content becomes so important. Content that interests and delights your potential customers that will bring them to your website.

That is why companies write blogs: original content in blog posts bring lots of strangers to your site who might never have thought to look up your service. Just think about what brought you to this post!

To turn these viewers into leads, you need to incite them to fill out a form with their information. For this, you will use a Call-to-Action. See the e-book at the bottom of this post? That's a Call-to-Action (see, we practice what we preach!) It will lead you to a Landing Page, where you will learn a little more about some downloadable original content that we are offering and we will ask you to fill in your information in order to bring you to a Thank You Page, where you will find a link to download that content. Makes sense, right? 

This conversion pathway is just a simple outline of how inbound marketing works. Of course, there are many more activities that fall under the inbound name, but we are going to save those for another blog post and another day. 

Now that you know the basics of how inbound can bring customers to your company's website, we would like to offer you a deeper look into why inbound marketing is so important for every marketing manager to invest in. Click on the Call-to-Action below to follow the conversion process yourself and gain some valuable information about inbound marketing's success!

Inbound Marketing 101


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