Why Isn't Your Inbound Marketing Working?

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May 8, 2014 10:00:00 AM

That is the question that I have heard a lot, and the answer is - there is no simple answer. There could be many different reasons why your marketing efforts are not paying off, but for the sake of this blog, let's start from the beginning and reintroduce how the Inbound Methodology works to turn your efforts into results.

Inbound Methodology, meet Fellow Marketer - Fellow Marketer, memorize Inbound Methodology. All kidding aside, I know that Inbound Marketing can feel overwhelming at times, which is why I like to refer to this wonderful infographic from HubSpot that breaks it down into a simple chart to understand.

Inbound Methodology Responsive Inbound Marketing

As you can see from this chart, first you Attract strangers to your site through tactics such as blogs, keywords, social media; turning those strangers into visitors. Then you Convert your visitors into leads via conversion paths - Forms, Call to Actions, and Landing Pages. Now you want to Close your open leads and make them your customers through emails, signals, and workflows. But wait - you're not done yet! Just because you have closed the lead and generated a new customer, doesn't mean that your marketing efforts are over.  You want to Delight them by showing you care about building a relationship with them, which will result in them wanting to show that they care too by promoting your business. Wondering just how you do that? Well, there are a couple of ways: Events, Social Inbox, and Smart Content.

Methodology and Nurturing go hand in hand, especially in the world of inbound marketing! It is important to see campaigns from start to finish, and hopefully by starting from the beginning you were able to learn just how to do that. 

Does this seem overwhelming to you? Check out this free white paper where I break it all down into simple digestible info:

Inbound Marketing 101  



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