Why is the Buyer Persona Important? We Will Tell You Why!

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Oct 30, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Congratulations, you have attracted viewers to your website, but who are these viewers? Are they just faceless numbers that scan through your webpages and show up as data? Or are they real people, with real personalities? Well, for your company’s sake, I hope you see them as real people! Every viewer is searching for something and they are drawn to company’s that speak and think the same way they do. So how do you know the personalities of your clients? You create a buyers persona by asking the right questions. Set up forms asking for information beyond just name and email. Get to know your clients and they will stick with your company.

Now that you have discovered the personality and demographic of your clients, begin to use that information to change the way you present your products or services. For example, for your demographic, is “free” the word of choice or should you use “complimentary”? Well, “free” is simple and too the point, people like free and we all are attracted to that word, but “complimentary” sounds luxury, it sounds as though we are being given a gift. Are you still a bit confused? Lets look at another example.

If the pharmaceutical company, we will call them HealthKit, has developed a fantastic new cold and flu medicine for children and they want doctors to recommend it and parents to buy it for their children then they are going to change the language for each audience or buyer persona. When selling this product to doctors HealthKit may write something along the lines of this: “Our newest, antiviral medicine which uses oseltamivir phosphate (6mg/mL) and zanamivir (3mg/mL) in combination to kill off influenza as well as bacteria that can cause bacterial infections and viral pneumonia, with a proven success rate of 99.9%. The product has gone through rigorous testing and is now FDA approved”.

Umm…. What? I imagine you probably understand the basics of what is being said, but imagine if every time you wanted to buy cold medicine it was just a bunch of medical jargon. You would probably get a bit overwhelmed, right? This is why we create a buyers persona. So, how would this sound if HealthKit was presenting this information to the average, non-medical field, consumer? I imagine it would be something like this: “HealthKit has created an, FDA-approved, antiviral medicine to help treat the flu and prevent other illness in your child with an astonishing success rate of 99.9%”. 

Now, that is something I can understand a bit more. Obviously, all medications in HealthKit are listed on the webpage and product itself, but when explaining the product there is no need to list off a bunch of nonsense medical terms unless you are talking to medical professionals who will understand the language.

So, know your audience. Know who they are, what they do for work, and how you can best serve them. Every client has a buyer persona and every buyer persona makes up an audience. Understanding these buyer personas will help you write and speak in the language your audience wants to hear and will make your product or service come off as more personable, like your client belongs as part of your company. 

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