4 Ways CEOs Can Benefit From Twitter

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Oct 29, 2014 3:17:00 PM

It takes only 7 seconds to form a first impression. In today’s digital age, that impression is forming even quicker.  Social platforms are now more important than ever. With that being said, only 32% of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter.  Don’t be part of the 68% that isn’t!  Get involved on Twitter to capitalize on the benefits it can provide CEOs and their companies.


1. Gain Insight 

CEOs can benefit from Twitter in many ways. What better way to see what industry leaders are currently doing than to monitor your direct competitors?  Twitter can help the CEO track trends and adapt the best business practices to stay ahead in the market. 

Twitter also provides access to clients, who are constantly posing questions…and you know the answers! This provides an opportunity to create meaningful content for the company blog, a great inbound practice to address client needs.  In a day and age ridden with Yelp reviews, customers are turning their attention to social media to voice feedback in real-time.  As a CEO, obtaining this feedback can be pertinent in identifying points of future growth for the company.  If your company is recieving negative feedback, check out how to handle it here!

2. Provide Information

Today people log on to Twitter for news updates before they check a news coverage website or TV station.  They like to see and hear directly from the source…and business is no different.  Customers want to hear what the CEO has to say- in real time.  When a CEO doesn't have a Twitter, customers must look to other sources for their information.  This often results in misinformation circulating around the web.  A personal Twitter handle can stop this before it begins! 

3. Build Trust

Twitter is a place where business meets passion. A CEO is the voice for a company, and this is a way to put a face to the agency.  It helps the public build a connection with the company that will foster trust and loyalty between the two.  Tweeting the right combination of business-related articles and personal advice can show that a CEO is interested in more than the success of his or her personal company. For example, Richard Branson does an exceptional job building his online brand.  He has an immense Twitter following because he integrates his personal life, like pictures of rock climbing, with his professional life to give his followers a true perception of his entire persona…and they love it (evidence by his current 4.6 million followers!)

4. Make Connections 

Of course customer connections on social media are necessary, but internal connections are often overlooked.  The employee-CEO connection is equally as valuable!  Twitter is the perfect platform for CEOs to comfortably connect with their employees. It’s more professional than a personal Facebook account, yet more personal than LinkedIn. This connection also allows the CEO to communicate to the rest of the company what he or she deems important.   

“I don’t have time to tweet” is no longer an excuse for CEOs.  There are platforms, such as HubSpot, which allow the scheduling of Tweets weeks in advance. Having a Twitter presence has become the norm, rather than the exception.  With today’s ever-changing social media environment, this is not something that CEOs want to miss out on!   

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