Industry Shout-Out: Social Media Marketing for Interior Designers

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Nov 3, 2014 4:18:00 PM

As web surfers, our attention spans are...

Hey look, a squirrel!

Pardon me. Our attention spans are shrinking rapidly. In fact, goldfishes are better at focusing than us.

Goldfish: 9 seconds   Human Race: 8 seconds

That's why we keep them in bowls—to bring those intellectual powerhouses down a few notches.

OK, let's refocus on the task at hand. How do you, the maven of interior design, hold the attention of potential clients? Well, there are several marketing platforms that are highly visual and easy for the human mind to digest. Let's FOCUS on social media, a perfect arena for simply stunning imagery. You may have already begun plunging your unique creative prowess into social, but maybe we can lend a few pointers. 

This is a brief guide to social media marketing for interior designers. Since you want to encourage people to visit your portfolio, here are a few key platforms that you should be using to drive traffic 


This is where people are posting and pinning photos of their favorite things. They pin images they like, which in turn are re-pinned by others (Pinterest's social sharing). Trending categories on this website are Home Decor, Design, and Architecture. Yup, enough said. Here's a example of a stunning furnishing pin by Wayfair


Behance is a perfect place to showcase your creative portfolio. It's an ultimate destination for talented designers. Take a browse through the collection of interior designer and firm portfolios. You can also explore posts of creative jobs. On your business card or in your emails, be sure to include a link to your Behance profile.


This one is interesting because it's based on 6 second video clips. That's right, your video cannot pass the mere 6 seconds threshold. But that's perfect, because that falls just under your customer's attention span! Here are some ways innovative marketers are using Vines today.

Here's an idea: Create a quick mashup of pics highlighting the re-design process of a dated living room.

If you want to market successfully as an interior designer, your content must be rich in beautiful imagery. Get creative and use a combination of these different platforms to reach new audiences. You never know what types of interesting clients that are bound to contact you!

We know you don't need any advice on how to design rooms, but perhaps you need help designing your website. Web design and site architecture can seem pretty convoluted, so feel free to download these "25 Website Must-Haves for Driving Leads, Traffic, and Sales." You won't be disappointed! 

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