This Week's Prominent Post-Its

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Mar 25, 2016 2:58:00 PM

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday, especially if it's a long weekend for you! A lot has happened this week, some good and some bad, but all interesting and necessary to keep up with for your weekend conversations. So here is this week's prominent post-its!post_it_news-512893-edited.jpg

You're The One That I Want To Run Away From

Do you remember when Olivia Newton-John was dating a man for 9 years and then he mysteriously disappeared? He was determined to be dead, maybe murdered, but his body was never uncovered. Well apparently he was found in Mexico this week where he has built a new life for himself. Some speculate that he was trying to avoid the substantial amount of debt that he was in, while other information has pointed to the possibility that he ran away with a German girlfriend. This all contradicts what Coast Guards had stated back in 2008 when they declared him to have drowned. Maybe he just wanted to go for a long vacation and lost his passport, who truly knows, but it's clear that he is not coming back anytime soon.

Superheroes And Disney Heroes Unite! 

Georgia has on it's plate an anti-gay law. In the next few weeks it will decide whether to pass it or not, which would allow people to deny weddings to those who wish to marry a person of the same sex. Both Disney and Marvel film in Georgia because of the great tax incentives the state gives film studios, but the companies have pledged to put those positives aside and take their business elsewhere if this bill is passed. That means a lot of lost jobs for the people of the state. Indiana tried to do the same thing, but businesses revolted and the law was reversed. It seems like this is the kind of pressure that will prevent the law from going through in Georgia. Thank you superheroes, for saving the day once again!

Echo Has An Echo

Google is in talks of creating the same type of device that echo is to Amazon. It's meant to be a home operating device of the future, though no specifics have come out yet. Ever since the release of echo, all of the responses have been extremely positive, which has peaked Google's interest. I guess this at home device is causing people to go into work and figure out how to compete! When Google released it's plan to put Google glasses into the mainstream, the reaction of the public was not good. It was their first giant step towards the Back To The Future ideal, but because people did not take to it, Google changed lanes and went back to the drawing board. So seeing echo get such great responses makes this a low risk leap for them. Who knows, maybe soon our houses will be filled with talking robots!

Console Your Old Consoles

Remember the days when new gaming consoles were constantly being churned out into the industry? When you would go to school and brag about the latest version of Play Station you had or Xbox? Well, soon you'll be headed back to the school yard with some fighting words because it looks like there is about to become a new bidding war in the console industry. Tech giants that monopolize the gaming world are sending out whispers about the possibility of new systems after Xbox professionals let it slide that Microsoft was working on something brand new. Now Sony is also saying they are developing a new device for you gamers out there. It's all going to be about amazing new graphics and capabilities. There aren't any specifics yet, but maybe we'll be bringing the 3D style to every middle school boys house soon. We'll just have to wait and find out!

Attack On Brussels 

Unfortunately this week has seen another terrorist attack take place. An man detonated a bomb in the Brussels international airport, killing at least 31 people and wounding over 300. Many people, including the government of Turkey, are blaming the government of Belgium for ignoring the suspected terrorist when he entered the country. The Turkish government had stopped the man at the boarder and warned that he was a high security threat. Instead of arresting him though, Belgium allowed his entry and did nothing to prevent the continuation of his dangerous streak of violence. Many citizens are crying out for answers and there are still a lot of unknowns as to why and how this terrible attack took place, but hopefully the terror can stop and people can mend. 

That's it for the highlights of the week! We hope you have an amazing weekend and stay safe out there!

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